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    Faircoin aktiv vor 11 Monaten

    Group for discussions and projects directly related to Faircoin

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  • Gruppenlogo von Local Nodes

    Local Nodes aktiv vor 1 Jahr

    This group is created do a tree of local nodes. Therefore the local nodes could be a subgroups of this group.

    List of active local nodes:

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  • Gruppenlogo von Freedom Coop

    Freedom Coop aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 2 Monaten

    Group to discuss the creation and further development of Freedom Coop

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  • Gruppenlogo von FairCoop Catalunya

    FairCoop Catalunya aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 2 Monaten

    La pàgina principal del node català ’FairCoop Catalunya‘ és a https://2017.fair.coop/ca/catalunya
    Aquí en aquest grup de la FairNetwork hi tenim els forums, els documents col·laboratius i alguns arxius comp […]

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  • Gruppenlogo von FairCoin2

    FairCoin2 aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 3 Monaten

    In this group we discuss various aspects of FairCoin2 the new fair version, launched already in 18 july 2017

    You can read updates here: https://fair-coin.org/faircoin2.html
    Look at the code development here: […]

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  • Gruppenlogo von Welcome and Extension

    Welcome and Extension aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 4 Monaten

    This group is for developing and sharing documents for involve more individuals and collectives in FairCoop ecosystem

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  • Gruppenlogo von Ecosystemic Community

    Ecosystemic Community aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 5 Monaten

    The general community group, where anybody can collaborate in the general Faircoop ecosystem.

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  • Gruppenlogo von Economic management

    Economic management aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 8 Monaten

    Manages internal expenses of the faircoop and the pooled fund.

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  • Gruppenlogo von Communication

    Communication aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 8 Monaten

    Here you can find all the working commissions related to the communication area of FairCoop.
    This group will have two assemblies at month to organice all the work related (2nd and 4th Thursday).
    Next assembly […]

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