• Gruppenlogo von Freedom Coop

    Freedom Coop aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 2 Monaten

    Group to discuss the creation and further development of Freedom Coop

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  • Gruppenlogo von FairCoin2

    FairCoin2 aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 3 Monaten

    In this group we discuss various aspects of FairCoin2 the new fair version, launched already in 18 july 2017

    You can read updates here: https://fair-coin.org/faircoin2.html
    Look at the code development here: […]

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  • Gruppenlogo von Fair.coop C. Valenciana

    Fair.coop C. Valenciana aktiv vor 1 Jahr, 6 Monaten

    Aquest es l’espai on trobar-nos les persones que promovem la Fair Coop a la comunitat Valenciana

    Here is the place where people from “Comunitat valenciana“ area could meet and work together

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