Freedom Coop’s Docs 6th Freedom Coop Assembly. August 2016

6th Freedom Coop Assembly
August 23rd 19.00 CET
Enric| Bumbum | Lynn | Bob | Mario | Chris | Ruth | Ale | Xavi

1. updates since launch
– we have 30 registrations, 12 payed so far
-beginning of September we should continue spreading the word through different channels
-first Freedom Coop invoice created yesterday
1) design and realize some “button-banner-advertising-avatar” ready to be downloaded and put on the website of the freedom coop participnants (members or supporters) to promote the project. (there’s also the “button-banner-ad-avatars” for accepting faircoin, pending to agree and spread, in the ‘materials’ page of

WHAT DEFINED IN ASSEMBLY: ok to create adv material for any argument (accept faircoin, freedom coop, faircoop and whatever).
Ok to put all the created material in a single static page or repo (TO DEFINE IN THE TECH GROUP) so it will be easier to keep everything updated.

2. Freedom Coop alternative banking services.

– As a previous point. We are going to process with the freedom coop membership in betabank which will bring us the capacity to create accounts for each member who needs it.
To become members of Betabank we need also to do a contribution as a collective.
They have this suggested criteria for that:

So we should decide how much we can contribute at beginning and if we follow any criteria for expanding contribution when our use of betabank growth.

– Freedom Coop can offer savings and virtual bank accounts to any member with the following conditions:

Any person who becomes member of freedom coop is elegible for having a virtual account as freedom coop members in betabank.
They work as virtual bank account with shared IBAN but managed with their own user – password system based in cyclos software. From them is possible to receive and make bank transfers and to convert to bitcoin or faircoin.
In future could be possible to add other exchange features.

To have a bank account -if you are not selfemployment member-
At least, one of the following conditions should be chosed as a reciprocity
– 10% of money deposited converted to faircoin
– Deposit of at least 300 euros for a minimum of 6 months.
– Exceptions. If someones needs all the euros for cover basic needs can ask temporaly for be allowed to be exempt of reciprocity.

By this way the Freedom coop banking services can be used both
for movements and for savings.

The euros got in the part of converting 10% to faircoin, would be used for needs of selfemployed members to cashout to euros.

The role of the local nodes
– Local nodes can organize services for getting cash from members and convert them to the virtual accounts. Also can facilitate the cash to this members when they need it. This means that local nodes doing that service will need to count with local infraestructure for managing cash or converting money to bank account.
– The local nodes are responsables for allow exceptions in their area, to the general reciprocity of the service.

In the case of people doing deposits where there are not a local node, they would be able to ask for exception to the freedom coop working group of alternative banking.

The freedom coop wallet as a banking service
– The freedom coop faircoin wallet in OCP can be used for faircoin savings and payments by the members without any limitation.
Freedom coop members who have a fairsaving account, can ask any moment for move their funds to freedom coop wallet.
XaviP: we have to improve server and wallet security. As any online server, we have to be always thinking it is a vulnerable installation. So, right now, I don’t think it’s a good place to stock savings or big amounts of faircoins. I think it’s a good tool to make and receive payments, but better stock faircoins in a offline wallet: We could look how to combine ocp with fairsaving (cold storage)
–>with this in mind we could offer a retirement savings tool for members/workers accessible after a certain period of time

3. Economic groups:

let’s get going! It’s important to register legally in various countries and groups are beginning to form. The spanish team has met and done some first tasks, but we need a functioning economic group and other local groups so we can collaborate on shared tasks as a shared activity! The assemblies or meetings they have in other languages could be translated and/or taken to a meeting of the “global” group. The objective of this point is to have some agreement as to how this work will progress globally and how the spanish group can bring it’s results and discoveries to the main and other groups. Our last meeting now has various new FAQ answers and information on what will be needed to register in spain. it’s in english at the bottom (ale)

Agreed to organise an economic group meeting to decide a way to communicate between groups, share data, meeting periodicity, how to store confidential information etc. The main economic group

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