First council meeting

November 5 th 20.00 GMT


Agenda of the day

1) Introducing and knowing eachother
tried lots of different tools to try to see each other & speak, interesting but frustrating, we need an easier system, and stick to it
We tried :
then Freenode room : #faircoopecosystemic

2) Ongoing work and harmonisation :
How to share spending information for the Project Coordinator (Enric)?
Proposal : put a Finance Advisor in the Internal Economics Comission that reports to the Ecosystemic Council.
1) Coordinator propose a budget or reports on previous spending
2) Finance advisor review and reports to the Ecosystemic Council (EC)
3) Ecosystemic Council validates
4) Internal Economics Comission publishes the spending and forecast
Proposal agreed : Orsan, Stella & Enric join the Internal Economics Comission (IEC)

3) How to manage the budget at short term
Enric make proposals, internal economics (orsan & stella) for the work and little process decitions,
council for decitions related budget (+network+voting depending of the method…)

4) What needs to be done, labour division, time table?

a) * write the methodological document draft (Enric begins a pre-draft; Orsan and Lirca help writing the draft / then draft is shared and opened to modification on the council first, then broader ecosystem for modifications and comments, before voting?)

* Draft ? 06-18 November
* internal dicusssion on the council ? 19-26 November
* open discussion on the network ? 27 -10 december
* draft update with network ? 11-14 december
* Voting 15-21 December

The Ecosystemic council :
b) The council is voluntary, bounties (compensation) issue is being discused

c) what decide the council – limits of authority
what is discussed on the network – way to share information
what will be voted – decision making process

* A public presentation of the council for the website
Roles connected to experience? (who’s doing what, how, and why, how they can be supported)
* Help comissions to do the their work and organize theselves.