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An Integral Cooperative is a tool to create a grassroots counterpower departing from self-management, self-organization and direct democracy, and one that would help overcome the actual state of dependency on the structures of the system, towards a scenario of liberty full awareness, free of authority, and in which everyone could flourish under equal conditions and opportunities.

It is a constructive proposal for disobedience and widespread self-managment to rebuild our society in a bottom-up maner (in every field and in an integral way) and recover the affective human relationships of proximity based on trust.

Cooperative, as a project practicing the economical and political self-management with the equal participation of all its members. Also, because it takes the same legal form

Integral, to bring together all the basic elements of an economy such as production, consumption, funding and a local currency. And at the same time, because it wants to integrate all the activity sectors necessary to survive: food, housing, health, education, energy, transport…

Some Resources

Network of Integral Cooperatives (with link to many integral cooperatives) (Catalan and spanish full content; english and italian partial content)

Dreceres documentary (soon subtitles in english)

* Calafou

* Integral Revolution

* Territorial network

* l’Albada