Current Stats of the faircoin funds belonging to the faircoop ecosystem

  • 17/10/2016 a les 05:14 #11969
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    After the Faircoin 2 crowdfunding campaign. This is a message to update the situation of the Faircoin holdings that can be spend as part of the Faircoop ecosystem developments

    The total amount to pay to the faircoin 2 crowdinvestors which invested 25540 euros is 10216000.

    A half: 510800 has been paid. Second Half 510800 is pending to be avalable after 6 months. (discount here the 5108 that will go as 1% to the getfaircoin fees account)

    The first half was covered from 600000 faircoins bought in bittrex. 89200 are remaing.

    And the available amount also growth because 25040 faircoins was bought from merchants.

    This two concepts together is 114240.

    Therefore: Most of the second half will need to be paid mainly from the pooled fund.

    Current holdings without fairfunds: 540000 Faircoin in the pooled fund. 44000 as getfaircoin fees incomes. 120000 in getfaircoin account (including the 114240 resting from the crowdfunding)

    More than that we count with the funds of the faircoin recovery adress, which after the bounties already distributed, have still 1360537.257881

    Also should be accounted this pending expenses:

    49000 from the donation campaign.

    30000 Pending bounties

    Clearing all this holdings and pending payments,









    1479845 This is our current stage

    (besides the 9.5M which are in the fairfunds)

    From the current budget there is expenses around 50000 faircoin every month. Part of that could begin to be covered with part of the 40% of the incomes of freedomcoop. (together with the getfaircoin fees.)


    Adress involved:

    Faircoop pooled fund: fNWcvkQLg9ELKkV5gH1nsYBJnzHqw7pka7

    Faircoin recovery adress: fRecovr5RiYKSh9hAJYR1jmTMapWMnBxRm

    Getfaircoin adress: fKPVyZ6nnQmCcAGnJh17PywBEWNPsqYZTM

    Getfaircoin fees adress: fb6SzvC49gspSJ8UJ8Arnyy8ih5F9xJAJM

  • 14/05/2017 a les 17:26 #13257
    Foto del perfil de Enric DuranEnric Duran
    Gestor de comptes

    Here there is updates on the faircoin funds in hands of faircoop (except fairfunds), during the last 6 months:

    Here is an update of the holdings in hands of faircoop, on pooled funds
    Previous holdings stated after the 3 quarter 2016: 1479845
    incomes expenses
    Faircoin expenses balance 4 quarter 2016: 126892
    Faircoin expenses balance 1 quarter 2017: 206078
    Getfaircoin Fees incomes in the period: 1744
    Minting incomes in the period (not including minting of fairfunds) 2500
    freedomcoop addresses at 1 of april 37330
    total by section 41574 292970
    Total at april 2017 1188449
    Commited with the faircoop local nodes funding campaign 500000
    Free use coins 688449

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