The 8th FairCoop Bulletin

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FairCoop keeps spreading In recent months FairCoop has had the opportunity to participate in various events in different parts of Europe and we want to tell you how it’s been going. In Spain we took part in several events and festivals: During the week of 2 to 6 September we were present at Fair Imaxinaria in Galicia. During the fair, Faircoins …

7th Bulletin

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Notes from the First FairCoop General Assembly On the date of the First FairCoop Anniversary, September 17th at 19h CET, around 20 participants gathered from around the world from various FairCoop nodes for the first FairCoop Assembly, which was conducted over Telegram and using this online pad. For any futher detail on any of these points, please have a look …

How do I become a coop-member

Thomas Hahner General Ecosystem

Hi, there is a section on the webpage where its explained that’s possible to become a member. But where can I submit my “data” ? Any help from you out there 😉

6th Bulletin

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FairCoop Summer Camp 2015 This summer FairCoop is holding its first Summer Camp on the island of Crete (Greece) from July 15 to August 15. This camp aims to be a team workspace where we: Focus on developing and improving the various aspects of FairCoop The exchange of experiences, needs, and alternatives among stakeholders in promoting and facilitating the Integral …

>> FairCoop Summer Camp 2015 << Participate! :)

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The camp aims to be a team workspace where we: Focus on developing and improving the various aspects of FairCoop The exchange of experiences, needs, and alternatives among groups and collectives interested in promoting and facilitating the Integral Revolution. Also to forge synergies and mutual aid relationships with local activist groups on the island.  And of course to strength the …


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‘Fairstarts’: A Network of Incubators for a Collaborative Economy and P2P Production A project that aims to create a network of incubators to help develop transnational, open and cooperative projects in the collaborative P2P economy. This strategic initiative will benefit both new and existing FairCoop projects, enabling locally-based self-governing projects to link in to mutual aid and solidarity support from …

Fifth Bulletin (May 2015)

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1. Fairmarket alpha testing version launched the World Fair Trade Day Fairmarket is FairCoop’s online market, where all the products and services offered by members of this cooperative can be found. A key project in the new global economic ecosystem we want to build is being born. It works under the concept of an “open cooperative”; that is to say, everyone …

Faircoin, the cryptocurrency of the Catalan Robin Hood who expropriated from the banks to give to the poor

Tereseta General Ecosystem

By Lucia El Asri 04/05/2015 Enric Duran is working with a new electronic currency that seeks to contribute to the creation of a cooperative global ecosystem able to compete with capitalism. The currency is based on values of cooperation, solidarity and equality, and puts aside the individualism that, according to the activist, defines Bitcoin. Faircoin was created in early …

Fourth Bulletin (April 2015)

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1. FairCoop donate 100.000 Faircoins! FairCoop will donate 1000 Faircoins to the first 100 collectives that accept donations in Faircoin, and which are in tune with FairCoop’s principles and values. With the goal of publicizing Faircoin as a tool for making and receiving donations, FairCoop launches its first donations campaign. The first 100 nonprofit groups that include Faircoin as a …

Third Bulletin February 2015

Tereseta Bulletins, General Ecosystem

1. New FairCoin Wallet this thursday 26 february, mandatory update for everyone. Important advice for everyone that have a Faircoin Wallet. Read it carefully. This release contains some major changes to Faircoin. Our aim is to develop Faircoin further and prepare it for broad adoption. With the changes we’ve made to the code base the development of merchant applications, alternative …