Freedom Coop’s Docs 8th Freedom Coop Assembly. September 2016

Eighth Freedom Coop Assembly
September 20th 19.00 CET


Order of the day

1. Short update members & OCP development
-So far we have 21 full members (16.600 FAIR) and 3 self-employed
-We have now a generic process to make moderated access to projects with a set of custom form fields to gather special info for the projects (apart from common ocp user data). The project coordinators can manage the requests and the comments feedback with every candidate, they can accept and decline join-requests. The CVN project goes this way but the FC membership still not (also because it has the ‘shares’ thing).

-First project “Decentrale” is going to set up in OCP on thurday 22nd

2. 20%-working position for Freedom Coop (topic not before 20.00 CET)
– This is about the official work we have to create, which Ursina is going to do
– we probably don’t have to pay the Federal Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance (AHV) if the additional income is less than 1000 CHF per year
– Question is if it’s possible/advising to pay an official salary in Faircoin or better in CHF
3. Distribution of incomes for local nodes (local) and administration (global)
So this is actually the distribution we are talking about on our website, 60% local nodes and 40% global for administation and expenses. As we have now some Faircoin incomes already we should set some more details and think about how to do that.
So the 40% is for administrative and running costs which I guess includes all the work on ocp, adding members and economic/legal stuff, as the situation is now it is hard to pay all this, especially when we are doing the 60% distribution. When the system comes into roling hope its better
So the distribution should also be setup in OCP, so we need somehow a structure for the Local Nodes there as well. We should discuss this on the freedom coop admin group, so that we can set up some main tasks which can be paid, and assigned to people or groups. There are works to do that you can go and make an invoice and there are works you do for the cooperation, meaning that one part is invoicing as self-employed an the other part is working for the coop

4. GestioCI training (set a date)

gestioCI training by Ale friday 17-19.00 with bob,lynn, bumbum
participants Chris, Mario, Maro, Ursina (efkin has since confirmed he is in galicia at the moment)

5. Owncloud for documents
-We need an owncloud for sharing documents
this is an update about the outcome of the economic groups meeting. Invoices have been managed manually or using commercial file sharing services, and documents exchanged over telegram
but this needs to have a more satisfactory solution until we can figure out gestioci properly, and I think it will probably be an ongoing need: to have our own file store for important files and documents or sensitive information like invoices. So we asked in the faircoin tech groups and after Xavip proposed a similar solution on an existing vpn, Roland proposed using fairkom’s owncloud setup for this. So he has set it up already as and it has a freedom coop group I can add people to. Once the DNS has been set we can already self-register here (it was set up shortly after the meeting)
so if you want to be handling invoices, you can ask me and I’ll add you to this group..
action: ale will add ursina and mario, and probably maro to this group initially, and anyone from the EMT groups who wishes to. Also he can offer help to anyone setting up their owncloud account.
-I would like that almost the technical people together could study the total communication needs before closing proposals. Don’t you? no. we already discussed it in the relevant technical channels. ->Could i know this summary? the communication of information and locate where to look important to understand or generate knowledge aspects seems to me very dificult yes just ask me on telegram.

I think that groupware tools like elgg/N-1/Lorea could help for the knowledge management (if it’s simple for the users ) this is just for managing invoices and documents. ->Ok, finally it’s clear
If it needs to be for other things, there is fairnetwork too. -> It’s buddypress,, i think too basic for manage knoledge.. If you can set up an elgg/lorea seed or a more distributed, secure, less monolithic project that is active, it’s outside this point but please go ahead and make a proposal for how / who will maintain it, and we will probably be very happy to upgrade.

@Santi perhaps could speak about the specific needs and may be are diferents (like a erp?).
In any case , temporaly solutions might be taken if there is any urgency.
Think about the metatask that the workflow needs.
(discussion, formulation of proposals , decision making , assembly, task tracking)
-I think a very good solution is the sandstorm, so we have there all the pads, wekans, spreadsheets, and also the file repos. our sandstorm has been crashing a lot and we have removed the davros(file archive) apps. It has very little space. THis is why we went for the solution proposed.
6. Can Freedom Coop members increase the amount of shares? Do we have a way to do this in OCP?
The question is whether we have a way to give more faircoins for shares in the coop, for example in the case of a collective member that wants to voluntarily contribute/provide more to freedom coop because it has more members in OCP after the first registration,we could ask to have the button “buy shares” open also for the members as is for the candidates not high priority but to develop in a near future

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