Freedom Coop’s Docs 9Th Freedom Coop Assembly. October 2016

Nineth Freedom Coop Assembly
October 6th 19.00 CET
Enric | Chris | Maro| Mario | Valentina | Bob | Bumbum | Joaquim |Cri
Order of the day
1. Phone coop service proposal
Notes on the assembly
The proposal is about to offer it as a common service, like the selfemployed service, or the alternative banking services, is not an autonomous project of a grup of members, but common to all freedom coop.It means that work and incomes are based in the common budget So, we decide all together the main questions related the service. if the project have enough incomes, then someone could have coop work on that as freedomcoop member to begin I guess work should be based in the positions we already have, and then we will see. One think to decide is if we charge the cost price to the members or if we charge something more. For example we could charge the price without decimals. We bring the service to our members, because the members contact us, not contact the provider
One thing to decide is if we charge the cost price to the members or if we charge something more. For example we could charge the price without decimals, no a “huge” fee, but a minimum contibution. and this would be small profit for freedomcoop. people agree
About the characteristics of the service. The idea is to begin with capa8, but be open to add ethical providers from other countries in the future. So people outside of spain can have more options..
Then we can  promote the option based in card without any program + SIP for everyone and also promote the Internet programs for spain right now… that would be the better offer we have. Agree?
The responsibility or workload for freedom coop for this common service is Mainly activation, card distributions and payments
At the begining people from outside spain dont need to have the sim with them because the calls with be redirected with SIP and using the SIM is expensive So, the sim distribution work will be mainly in spain.capa8 is providing the sim-cards and send it to to one point like infospai in Barcelona.
what we want to offer mainly has fix amounts of payments not depends of calls 
Is a service also with the idea to extend the members base! Also by making the consumers to use faircoin, all the value that we create growth So, is not just the same like thinking the costs in euros there is a strategical vision of making growth all the participation who use faircoin behind it.
I suggest to create a telegram group for phone coop management And discuss the details of the workload and the launchment of the service there. Also counting with opinion of ocp developers and people in barcelona for logistics Then we can come with a consensus proposal related the launch of the service
note from ale: I can do the work of getting the sim cards and sending them.. or whatever but we have to discuss more..
I can help with this also in Tarragona If is necessary (Ferdinand)
2. Local nodes distribution of 60%
This first draft comes after discussion in the local nodes assembly
Specific proposal from Freedom Coop distribution to local nodes: 
A first draft for a proposal about how to distribute the 60% of incomes of freedom coop between the local nodes:
After an interesting discussion in the local nodes assembly, it was said that there are three criteria that should be taken in account for being able to make a fair distribution following the principles and the vision of Faircoop.
These three criteria are:
–  All the active faircoop nodes should get a part of the incomes,  independently of if they are contributing to freedomcoop or if they are  in Europe or any other continent.
– The local nodes who are doing a welcome work related freedomcoop should have a major % of the distribution.
*We could try to develop a guide/criterias about that to discuss in the next assembly due the debate it generates about how to measure the work done
–  Should be taken in account from which countries comes each proportion  of fees, in order to have also a balance which account the cost of life  in the different countries.
Therefore a first draft proposal would be:
a)  1/3 of all the incomes will be distributed equally between all the  active local nodes. What this equality means is something that should be  agreed based in the general criteria of good practises of a local node.  Look this provisional document:  
b)  1/3 of all incomes will be distributed equally only between the local  nodes who are active with freedom coop tasks at local level.
c) 1/3 of all incomes will be distributed to the local nodes based in the total of fees received from their own country.  
– Half of that to all local nodes actives in the area (same criteria than a)
– Half of that to only the local nodes actives in freedom coop tasks (same criteria than b)
3. Alternative banking service. Information about exchange possibilities for members
(a pdf has been shared in the telegram group)
So this explain how the money cashin and cashout works, related the betabank account that will be provided to selfemployed members and savers members, The fairtoearth part is still not ready, meanwhile can be done with bitcoin should be ready around half of november
with bank transfer service of chip chap, the connection between freedomcoop and the member is disconnected so, you receive the money as you are doing a currency exchange so, for some selfemployed this can be enough.
 for the people who is some times in spain is easy, thats for sure but we need to organize also the local nodes part in greece, italy, switzerland, for bringing cash options, and not only indirect bank transfer option…anyway is there is not a lot of money we can provide also the virtual card option, which works worlwide. perhaps when we launch the alternative banking service (which is close) we should publish that info in some place in the website…
We could prepare a small text for the publical site. And then in the OCP provide more detailed info
4. Adoption of “orphan” (without a local node) professional and coop by other nodes?This is not an issue, any individual can be selfemployed member without having a local node in their area. 
my idea has the assumption that anyone of us should be interested in creating new        groups and teams and work as mush as possible on local projects and  with  people to make connections stronger and stronger. 
If we agree with this premise, we should use all the possibility to invite people to have advantages to work and life in this way.
A selfemployee  without a local node can use the freedom coop, yes ok.
But if the selfemployee could be “adopted” by an existing node I can  see several advantages. 
Economic advantage vs an extra effort to manage the adopted person-coop
– experience and support from an existing node either if it is far from the living place
– huge push to get the local node done or partecipate to a “borning one” to get directly economical advantages (increase personal involvment and efforts)
Notes on Assembly
There is a debate related on how this newers are already supported by the global network and also can be part of the local nodes near, there is a proposal could be like a buddy programm where the local node can help maybe one person directly with hints, experience and other support to establish an own local node, so for freedomcoop we are talking about working forces and we should be more proficient as possible in learning tools and get support, We can do that with the professional cooperatives so, anyone can join the community where there is the people with same specialization and create links together at individual bases, you can join the local node you want. The point of the local nodes are the physical experience this is what make them special and necessary, so the proposal pints aout to the reason because is expect that working as “adopted” by a local nodes the entity will wish to have a local node at “home” and he/she will work harder to build it.
In this sense Think local nodes should be thought of as beacons and not as territorial entities so any local node has autonomy to accept  online members or not on the local nodes assembly and related group people can share their experiences and inspire others people could be working already with other local people to create a local node, which is so good or better than work with a close local node getting in touch with other local nodes in the proximity still should be encouraged. There is to many situation to create a general rule or encouragement we should be open and flexible enough to make the better encouragements for each case, we should encourage people collaborate based in proximity, languages, professions,… etc.. a general encouragement should be more flexible and I think is more a faircoop matter than a freedomcoop matter. For the general assembly of october 20, could be created then a proposal about to facilitate inclusivity of people in any situation, not matters if they are alone, encouraging all that way of relations that has been suggested here  Valentina will do it
5.  Open a FreedomCoop shop in Fairmarket and a freedomcoop profile in
Would be nice that this other faircoop infraestructures detects the Freedomcoop developments.
Also, for example the  general membership, the alternative banking services and the phone coop services would be nice to be announced in fairmarket. 
So it would be the shop of the freedomcoop common services.
The same could be announced in use.fair-coin. 
Notes on the assembly
is important to connect in this way the different tools of the faircoop ecosystem, because people could go to one tool and dont know about the others So enric thought about a shop for the common services. Where people can read what services they will have if they become members of freedomcoop so, the selfemployment options could be a product,  OCP another, lternative banking when is ready another and same with phone coop, Also we could suggest a category called freedomcoop. So autonomous shops, who are freedomcoop members could be added to the category then the common services will be in the freedomcoop shop, and all together with the selfemployed projects in the freedomcoop category Same in but of course the category part of fairmarket we need to propose in fairmarket group
As small task we will need to review in fairmarket and use.fair-coin which shops are done by freedomcoop members so when category is added we can include them

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