Technology Infrastructure Community’s Docs Holodata: Basic classes and sub-classes Tree

Being (B): any kind of entity.

  • Human: the entity is of human type.
    • Individual: a particular person.
    • Colective: any kind of colective entity, from a family, group or team to big organizations, companies and culture-sharing population groups.

Art (A): all the existing verbs fit in here (the actions that relate and rule the system).

  • Job: all jobs of all sectors, introduced as verbs (arts).
  • Relation: to contain, to pertain, to need, to offer, to reside, to know, to want, to use…

Artwork (W): all the things done by beings.

  • Material: all physical things modeled by known or unknown beings.
    • Raw material: earth elements and resources.
    • Tool: motorless (hand-tools, etc), machines (energy generators, energy degenerators or motorized, etc)…
    • Lifecare: housing, alimentation, medicine, clothing, cosmetics, etc.
    • Communication medium: graphic support (printed paper, etc), sculpture, etc.
  • Non-Material: all sorts of non-physical creations.
    • Cultural creation: languages, educational or health facilitation, music or scenic works, designs, texts, formulas, etc.
    • Digital: all kinds of digital content, from code parts to images or docs.
  • Unit: all measurement units of all cultures.
    • Physical: volume, weight, distance, speed, pressure, etc.
    • Non-physical: time, digital memory, bandwidth, etc.
  • Record: this kind of db item stablishes unique relations (with or without rules or conditions) between other db items.
    • UnitRatio: relation or equivalences between units (public).
    • Account: public or private accounts of the entities (economic, reputation, etc).
    • Agreement: public or private memberships, contracts, etc.

Space (S): all the geographic data.

  • Place: geolocated addresses, earth points, etc.
  • Region: nested areas taxonomy (planet, continent, bioregion, etc).

Concept (C ): all other words non fitting previous classes.

  • Data Types: all the words in this class types tree are this sub-kind of db item.
  • Time: cronologically ordered db items (past, present and future events) with sudden or gradual start and finish timestamps.
    • Natural Events: earth seasons, cosmic events, etc
    • Human Events: history facts, happenings, wars, revolutions, meetings, etc.

Of course this tree is a work-in-progress.