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  Interrelation between FairCoin PriceFairMarketFreedom COOP
One of the aims of FairCoop in 2016 is to connect all already available and new tools to a holistic alternative and decentralized economic system. Most important point is the financial aspect and the price stability of Faircoin.
 Crucial is the increase and stability of Faircoin Price at Getfaircoin-Level
–> to have a working reference price
–> to have a stable (or increasing) value of the FairCoop Funds (in Faircoin) and exchange in Euro if needed
–> to get Euro-Income from getfaircoin.net (This is a “chicken or the egg problem”. Without increase of the market price there are no investors in getfaircoin to stabilize the prize.)
How to do that? 
Support the circulation and usage of FairCoin through:
FairMarket by payments in Faircoin as only currency:
The more valuable products and services are available to buy on FairMarket the more people are willing to buy on FairMarket. Advantage for early users is to get discount in Faircoin price by exchanging in Bittrex as long as the price is low (until an equal level has been reached). Important for that would be that the merchants sticking to an equivalent pricing of 1€=20Euro for their products and services.
Freedom COOP by paying fees in Faircoin:
This has a huge potential because there of its constant Euro income inflow, which are converted into Faircoin. The following calculation shows examples with different scenarios for this year:
Worse case scenario:
2nd quarter 2016: 10 members total, average member fee 30€    –> 300€
3rd quarter 2016:  20 members total, average member fee 30€    –> 600€
4th quarter 2016:  30 members total, average member fee 30€    –> 900€
Realistic scenario:
2nd quarter 2016: 25 members, average member fee 50€            –> 1.250€
3rd quarter 2016: 50  members, average member fee 75€            –> 3.750€
4th quarter 2016: 75 members, average member fee 100€          –>  7.500€
Best case scenario:
2nd quarter 2016: 100 members, average member fee 75€            –>7500€
3rd quarter 2016: 250  members, average member fee 150€          –>37.500€
4th quarter 2016: 500 members, average member fee  250€          –>125.000€
–>So would be important to spread the word about the advantatges of Freedom COOP and profit from this tool twice.
Here again the table for calculation basis for Freedom COOP fees: 
quarterly fees   min. base of assessment    max. base of assessment      FAIRCOIN Fees
30€                       0€                                             0€                             600 FAIR
45€                       1€                                          500€                             900 FAIR
75€                    501€                                        1000€                           1500 FAIR
125€                 1001€                                        2000€                           2500 FAIR
175€                 2001€                                        3000€                           3500 FAIR
250€                 3001€                                        4000€                           5000 FAIR
325€                 4001€                                        5000€                           6500 FAIR
400€                 5001€                                        6000€                           8000 FAIR
450€                 6001€                                        7000€                           9000 FAIR
500€                 7001€                                        8000€                         10000 FAIR
–> Members naturally get familiar with the technology of FairCoin by using the advantages of Freedom COOP. This could be the first step into the alternative economy system of FairCoop.
–> Members of Freedom COOP are at the same time potential suppliers and consumers for FairMarket. As they are self-employed they get this free tool on their hand to offer their product and services and therefore further support the FairCoop Ecosystem.