Freedom Coop’s Docs Minutes of the 19th FreedomCoop Assembly

19th FreedomCoop Assembly

Time: Tuesday, July 4th, 2017
19h CET (Barcelona – Paris – Berlin)

Lugar : Here + FreedomCoop Telegram group. Contact us to join the group by mail ( or on other Telegram group

Giulia, Enric, Nikola, Romain, Harper, SFKLS, Teresta, Loose Recording, Chris

Agenda of the assembly
1. Update economic number of second quarter.

important growth

the invoicing of freedomcoop in first quarter was 11700 eur in first quarter of 2017… 41270 eur in second quarter of 2017

Not all the payments of this invoices will be part of this quarter but most of it has been paid already
As there is a lot more workload Maro is proposed to start to focus on Freedomcoop to help with the tasks and also later will be added some more members to help pn that

b. Freedomcoop local nodes distribution first quarter 2017
The proposal that has been worked is here:
2. Phone service updates
We are currently in testing with extension calls. They are free calls. Coming soon: to activate text messages. The tech used are VoIP. And finally, once the payment system has been established, a telephone number can be obtained. For telephone numbers it is necessary to configure the system so that each member of Freedomcoop with telephone can pay their expenses. The tariffs (still to be determined, since they will still be slightly lower than those we considered at the beginning) will be quite economical. And it is possible to make some flat rates.

we would begin then first the free extensions, and members could ask for them to test and begin to use,

3. Presentation of CCN

“CCN: Cultural Cooperative Network
Money from the Commons to fund art for the Commons

Cultural Cooperative Network is an international circuit designed to facilitate social and economic relations between cultural actors and to provide them with a common mutual aid fund as well as with complementary payment and credit tools for self-management, self-employment and economic autonomy.
Cultural Cooperative Network is an open and autonomous platform in process that plans to use Faircoop ecosystem tools for the self-sustainability of cultural/art spaces and projects.
Cultural Cooperative Network encourages cooperation as the basis for redistribution, decentralising consensus and sharing power, distributing decision making, creation and evaluation among the members, dissolving economic divides between strong and weak cultural actors.
Cultural Cooperative Network is a place of mutual trust, where the collective generates new ways of cultural production. This network will offer new possibilities for funding culture and art projects neither based on public nor private funds: singular needs of cultural and value production will meet, generating common accomplishments”

4. Making user-guide resources for the self-employed (freelancers).
Petros is creating a small self-employment entity in Athens and will try to make structured, dynamic user guide for the likes. Every help and recommendation is appreciated.

Next assembly August 1st

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