Minutes of the 25th FairCoop General Assembly

25ª  General FairCoop Assembly

Part 1  

1st PartTime: Thursday September 21st 2017 
2ndPart Thursday, September 28th 2017
19:00h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)
General AssemblyTelegram Group 


Nikola, Isabelle (Bern), Tereseta (PV Node), Enric, Al-Demon(Albacete), Alv, Ale (Barcelona), Zey, Gui, juanse (Cba LN- CE),  Maro (Madrid), Christina, GuyFerid (Malaysia), Chris (Jura), Igor,  Ana, Mihajlo, Ivan (Novi Sad/Vojvodina), elopio (Costa Rica), Bernini (Rome), Michalis (Heraklion LN), Ursina Huber (Rital). Pílikum, Sófokles and Alfons (Galicia), Paco (Madrid), Ivan Esperanto, Isa, Patri (Murcia), lo Blinge (just listening), Thomas, Roberto (Guatemala LN), Bob, Chapexs (Ubatuba LN), Zivadin (Sombor/Vojvodina), Romain (Bilbao) Isabel

Agenda and Proposals 

1. Presentation of Open Coop Work and implementation of its decisions.

Open Coop Work is the outcome of having re-structured FairCoop’s global collaborative workflow organization.
It arose to generate a global open cooperative methodology. 
This  allows anyone with the skills  to participate in the processes of maintaining, enhancing and developing the FairCoop ecosystem at the meta level, where all layers merge. 
Furthermore, it came up with a fair and transparent value distribution program that brings activists the possibility of devoting themselves freely to the Movement while recieving certain means to cover their needs.

General goals:

To have a methodology for any member to claim tasks in a way that is decentralized, accountable and avoid beaurocracy or free riding.
To have a global monthly budget that can be distributed based in groups of tasks.
OpenCoop Work Areas plan
Open Coop Work documentation (during SummerCamp)

1.1  Different Areas’ architecture, goals, description and scope of activity

We will discuss each areas roadmap and tasks at point 2 later. 
Welcome and support:
Common Management:
Media & Communication:
Tech Development:
Circular Economy:

1.2  Assigned fixed roles in each area:

Welcome and support:
Caretakers: @zumbrunn and @PacoLoose
Common Management:
Facilitators: @Marohf and @Enr1c
Media & Communication:
4 sub area Facilitators
-DYNAMIZATION AND SOCIAL NETWORKS (@SFKLS  == acting until be replaced )
Tech Development:
Facilitators: Gui and Roland 
Circular Economy:
Facilitators: @Michalis_K and @juanselink
Fixed roles different than facilitators
common management:

Part 2  

Time: Thursday September 28th 2017 
19:00h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)
General AssemblyTelegram Group 
Participants: Alv, Michalis, Guy, tereseta, enric, Gui, Isa, Chris, AltonJ, Alfons, Al-Demon, Alejuanse, biopabl MaroUrsina isabel, zumbrunn, Roland, Thomas, Christina

1.3 Task management and value distribution

Today we multiplied the  capacity to distribute funds for working in the faircoop ecosystem, compared to what we had in the previous three years.
The quantity of work to do needs a full team of people with responsibility, not just one person per area.
The previous methodology of a few paid people and the rest volunteers does not work for the upcoming challenges. 
For further information on value distribution:
As main value distribution platform, Open Coop Work relies on and develops OCP. It can handle tasks, distributing them and managing the pay out. All people involved in projects should have an account at OCP.
Other task management tools such as gitlab may have better capabilities for scrum project management and are used e.g. in the Communication and Media Area (https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/MediaCommunication/boards ) . Thus we plan to make them talk with OCP for the value distribution via API.

1.4 Budget

Current assets available for faircoop work, aprox 100000 eur + 300000 faircoins (current value 180000 eur)  = 280000 eur.
Around 5500 fixed (6 € per hour)  and the rest on the pooled task = 420 hours at 10€ per month.
Two possible situations: some stable roles, wich have a stable income, and then the rest of team who do tasks paid with the rest of the budget. 
The income for fixed roles is proposed by each area related to such roles.
Proposals of fixed incomes per Area per month in Euro:
Welcome area:
     the two area caretakers receive a variable income based on the hours accounted in the monthly “Area Caretaking” task in OCP, with a top limit of 500€/month each (so, no fixed incomes)
Common management: 1200 eur
Circular economy: 1.000€
Media and Comm Area needs time to consense proposal
    Fixed staff:
   @santiddt (600eur)
        @cegroj (500eur) 
        @berzas (500eur) 
        one more needed (currently vacant, candidate may start in November 2017) to maintain various fairkom services board, gitlab, fairlogin, fairchat… (500eur)
        1000eur divided between 4 facilitators:
             @rasobar (500 EUR)
             @ivanEsperantoKapis (125 EUR)
             @Onix228 (250)
             @altergui (task based… not fix income)
    Total fixed income = 3100 EUR per month
For OCP, one more developer (Python, Django) / coordinator is being searched, budget is additional 500.- 
Maximum income accountable per person (per month) 1.200€ value
If budget is more than needed (accounted hours at maximum value), the rest of the budget would be reserved in order to cover a low budget situation in other month, or for other needs.
If budget is not enough to pay all accounted hours at minimum value, is on the assembly to decide if more budget can be assesed or if minimum value is modified.
Exctracted from:

2. Roadmap for each Area

Tasks for the next weeks and months. 

Tech Area

3 main areas and facilitator candidates:
  • Tech Infrastructure (Gui and Roland)
  • Hosting of Webservices
  • Websites – migration or merging
  • Wiki of more in-depth material and have a portal to all WIKI pages 
  • Common 2017.fair.coop calendar 
  • gitlab
  • Migrate or mirror chat groups from Telegram to fairchat.net
  • Independence of unknown cloud provider (KGB funded?)
  • multi-threaded views (set to up to 9 levels)
  • anonymous view of public channels
  • Test replacements for fairnetwork
  • Monitoring of Services (availability, attacks, certificates, …)
  • Single-Sign-On  Onboarding
  • Tech Documentation (Onix)
  • “Best Practices” for WordPress webadmins 
  • How to sync the 2017.fair.coop calendar
  • Tech Support for Areas (Ivan)
  • The Welcome-Support group will be hopefully supporting us with first-level support for users, the tech people take care of the more difficult cases. 
Detailled tech task management see https://board.net/p/OpenCoopWorkTech#lineNumber=355
Tech Sub – Areas
are working in teams with their own facilitators, take part in Tech Area meetings for coordination and synergies
  •   (ale, bernini, bumbum)
  • FairCoin wallets (tom)
  • market.2017.fair.coop (santi)
  • Testing and feedback from users (Maro; Michalis; Ale, Sporos,)

Media & Communication Area

  • Implement new front page for Fair.coop
  • Evaluate replacement for fairnetwork forum

Common Management

  • Improve OCP handling and processes
  • Complete the involvement of more people in the management tasks of getfaircoin, freedomcoop, local nodes and ecosystem
  • Provide more detailed data and more often of the faircoop ecosystem common economy.
  • For more long term: automatically report on all assets and funds, FairCoin addresses are linked and each transaction commented

Circular Economy

  • 1:1 Campaign, provide necessary statistics from Circular Economy
  • Cafe Justicia campaign dynamization
  • Data gathering for creating a dynamic historical statistic’s database
  • Facilitate New Local Nodes that were introduced during SummerCamp e.g. Bakur, Poland, India, etc
  • Contact key suppliers for Global 
  • Update UseFaircoin and FairMarket

Welcome and support

  • immediately:  
  • – finish setup of OCP accounting for tasks
  • – keep up and improve support subarea operating as proposed above
  • first month: 
  • – develop a guide to explain FairCoop’s three basic principles (Integral Revolution,P2p,Hacker Ethics)
  • – documentation subarea workflows in practice as proposed
  • first three months: H
  • – learning and education subarea fully working as proposed
  • – compile, adapt and/or develop support guides for the ecosystem tools
  • – continue the internal learning process in an more organized way

3. Presentation of Namespace

In order to align our various repositories and channels for files, media and communication, we have developed a proposal for a namespace: https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/MediaCommunication/wikis/FairCoop-name-space It has three dimensions: 1. a tree structure for the areas + 2. labels for services + 3. language labels.  Certainly, this may not be applicable strictly in each media, but it should serve as a guideline to work along.

4. Move FairCoop funds to multi signature wallets

Currently the FairCoop funds are managed by one person only, Enric. It seem desirable to distribute the responsibility the management of the funds to several people.
This is done most easily with a multi signature electrum wallet. To move coins from a fund a defined number of people need to co-sign that transfer in their wallet for the transaction to complete.
whoever is in charge needs to have super good support from people who know about security and wallets
We need to decide how many wallets, how many people should have signature and which people should be.
– For fairfunds could be 4 to 6.
– For pooled funds, could be 2 of 3 to faciliate operativity and could be people innvolved in common management Area.
Funds to move:
  • Global South fund
  • Commons fund
  • Technical infrastucture fund
FairCoin recovery fund will be split.
  • 500.000 faircoin 2 crowdinvestment from 2016
  • 448.000 local nodes campaign
  • 200.000 FairCoin foundation fund
Each signer should allow access to a trusted 
if we need to change the cosigners, this means move the funds to a new wallet.
We all agree to move the funds to multi signature wallets and we work on a proposal about the group of people for the next assembly. Dinamization done by the management area.
Pooled funds move decision will be taken at Common Management next Assembly.
Wallet for the faircoin foundation can be opened and moved to a separate wallet.
Thokon will do and show transactions at next assembly for the records.

5. New CVN Applications

List of new CVN operators:
  • Javier Barrio (jbarrio)  Agreed
  • Leo Arias (elopio)   
Ok for 2 additional CVN hosters. We also agree on a supporter system for the next candidates, with a minimum of 2 well known supporters, including a personal meeting with at least one of them. Can be replaced by a video call or overruled with a consensus decision in the GA (e.g. for very remote people). 

6. Methodology for trusted investors to exchange faircoin to euros oGetfaircoin

It could have a maximum by month defined by getfaircoin based in the availability of funds. As  launch criteria we could setup 1000 eur per month.
The service would have 1% fee like in other cases managed online.
We could have a form in getfaircoin for asking for this action and which way they want to receive the official currency.
cEstuvimos de acuerdo en que el grupo de gestión está comenzando un piloto con un cargo del 2% y un máximo de 1000 por persona por mes.

7. Presentación de DumDarac.  ISABEL Y Albert Isern Alvarez.

Nuestra propuesta es hacer que DumDarac, la plataforma social libre pueda usarla Faircoop.
Our proposal is to convert DumDarac in the social platform free for Faircoop can use.
Was suggested to provide demo account and git access to source code. Testers should report to Media & Communication group.