Faircoin’s Docs Priorities in faircoin developments


There are different proposals being thinked and discussed related developments of faircoin wallets and apps, besides the one that already have active developement like faircoin 2, fairmarket and OCP

I do a summary of some of them I know:

One of them in process developer needs help

*Fork of Breadwallet iOS wallet this have this thread:   /groups/faircoop-community/faircoin/forum/topic/choosing-an-ios-faircoin-wallet/

Others to begin

  • Online secure wallet, as a fork of https://coin.space

This could be integrated as updated version of the OCP platform wallet.

  • Faircoin app, for the Faircoin plastic cards system:

The mission of this app is connect with the api of the program that manages the service:  /groups/faircoop-community/forum/topic/priorities-201515-development-of-local-payment-systems/

* Faircoin module for prestashop ecommerce.

Has been suggested by people from latiendacomprometida.com