Questions and answers about the Fairpay Campaign

Q & A about the Fairpay Campaign

Good wishes to all … To facilitate the participation and the need that arose in the previous post I publish this new message with questions and answers that clarify basic elements of the launch campaign of Fairpay:


What does the launch campaign mean until January 5th?     
The Fairpay launch campaign allows you to order a card until January 5 without paying the cost of the card or shipping costs. Only the charges with a minimum of 20 euros that are converted to faircoin and you can use in the shops that accept Fairpay. After 5, it will still be possible to get it but updating the conditions, since we are going to prioritize that are the collectives and especially the Local Faircoop nodes what became distributors.

In any case, by making the request now at the individual level, in addition to acquiring the card on advantageous terms, you are helping us to carry out a larger card roll, with lower cost per card and that can be sent in greater numbers to local collectives and nodes which will be distributed at street level.


How does it help you to order a card now? 
– By switching to faircoin when you load the card with euros (or other currencies). These faircoins are sold to you by Faircoop and with that liquidity we get the capital to pay suppliers that do not accept faircoin.

– By making it increase production capacity and reduce the cost of each card, so we can get it free for more and more people.


What is the process of ordering a single fairpay card? 
Small step-by-step guide 
1. You go to this link, which is specific for ordering an individual card:
2. You push the blue button to issue the order (place your order now) 
3. You will see the ‘checkout’ where you put the ‘price’ = 20 Fair and next to Quantity = 20. That is the minimum amount that adds a total of 400 Faircoins. (To be understood that it means to charge the card with 20 euros corresponding to 400 faircoins)    
3.1 If you want to load the minimum amount you do not have to touch anything, you can go to the process checkout directly.
3.2 If you want to load the card with a higher amount you can give the more so that it is 21 = 420, 22 = 440 and so on until you arrive at the amount chosen and then you give the process checkout directly.
4. Go to the registration screen of the address where you want to receive the shipment. Think at it will be between the 15th and the 30th of January. Only bold fields are required. When you were ready press the blue ‘confirm’ button and go next. 
5. This is the pay screen. You get two ‘payment method’
5.1 Faircoin. Only in case you have already purchased or received faircoins previously and you can send them from there. 
5.2 Getfaircoin. It is the website of payments in euros or other currencies of Faircoop. From there you can order your payment by credit card, bank transfer or bitcoin. If you do not have faircoins yet, this is your choice! Select it and click pay now.

I think the rest of the steps are already clearer, so to not lengthen the text, I leave it here for now!


How can I use the card once I receive it?
You can use it in all establishments that accept it, which will be published on the web 
In addition to the card you will receive your e-mail a user and password to access the banking system FairCoop that will include other options In addition to the management of the card. You can upload the card online whenever you want and for example you can move the card faircoins to the online purse, if you prefer to use those faircoins for online rather than physical payments. That is to say with the card and the online account you will be able to combine both types of payments with total easy.
Why is it so important that many people join in advance? There is no payment system or no alternative currency that can run without risk, before the number of participants reaches a certain dimension.
The more users, the more businesses they want to enter. More shops will be easier to use, bringing more users to join again. When we are at the beginning of constructing a global alternative to capitalist payment systems, what we need is a few hundred, then thousands, of intrepid ones who bet on that other economy and take the risk of not knowing when they will be able to use the 20 euros they carry on the Fairpay card, knowing that they can contribute to clear their own doubts, inviting their nearby businesses (with those who share an ethics of proximity, ecological, cooperative, social values, to participate.
We are going to start the campaign for the addition of businesses with securities of this type on January 15. Therefore we still have no guarantees of how the response will be and at what rate the participation will grow. We will give merchants a free app with which to receive fairpay payments and through the panel they can convert to official currency the payments they receive as fast as they want. It will be easy for them as well, so with your help and a few hundred more people, we can make them fast!