Technology Infrastructure Community’s Docs Holodata: p2p multi-db Backend Structure

Holodata paper v1 is here

The Holodata’s p2p multi-db backend structure can be done with this technologies:

CouchDB node (JSON) or similar:

  • Words: multilanguage translations and Object definitions of verbs (Arts) and names (Beings, Artworks, Spaces and Concepts).
  • Texts: small or medium multilang texts (descriptions, etc.)
  • Code pieces (functions, templates, cached data structures, etc.)

Riak node (Binary) or similar:

  • Files (media, graphics, sounds, archives, software, docs, large compressed texts, etc)

Neo4J node or similar Graph db:

  • Relations between the db items (trees and diagrams).

Wallet blockchains (secure and encrypted p2p tables):

  • Economic transactions.
  • Confidence (dharma, trust, reputation) tokens accounting.
  • Smart contracts.

Redis (local storage) or similar:

  • Pre-filled with Holodata interface required and always updated db records.
  • Cache of viewed data (private or publicly shareable).