Faircoop global accounting of 1 quarter 2017

  • 14/05/2017 στις 17:41 #13261
    Φωτογραφία του/της Enric DuranEnric Duran

    This is the Table of global faircoop accounting of first quarter of 2017. In relation of the previous quarter, this time the faircoop local nodes funds has been included and also the Freedomcoop redistribution which happened by first time (in the case of freedomcoop is included the distribution related  quarter because this happens in the first quarter. Same criteria would be for the following quarters.

    January – march Euro – Faircoin liquidity exchange
    euro expense euro received faircoin expense faircoin received
    salaries and server costs 6120 9000
    freedom coop 966.7 35918
    Freedomcoop distribution to local nodes 31572
    getfaircoin 2778.75 45308
    exchange from producers 2300 48375
    faircoop local nodes campaign 71000
    OTC sells to cover liquidity 4674.55 93491
    Cooperative society athens donation 40000
    8420 8420 290371 84293
    Total 0 -206078
    euro balance faircoin balance

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