Faircoin 2 and the Blockchain for the Common Good.

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Faircoin 2 White Paper Update.

As all of you know FairCoop’s primary goal is to create an alternative to unfair economic systems. To achieve this goal many of our developments are centred on Faircoin, the cryptocurrency that we plan to use to redistribute wealth among all human beings.

As this blockchain technology is being developed, FairCoop realizes that in order to have a real coin with fairness it was necessary push forward our main developments. This is why FairCoop members have been working hard during the past few months to develop Faircoin 2.

With this new architecture, Faircoin overcomes the more unfair characteristics that other cryptocurrency consensus algorithms have, based on the mining or minting processes that rely on PoW or PoS, both based on competition. Faircoin 2 transcends this with Proof of Cooperation(PoC) and create a way of secure transactions in a way that is truly fair and at the same time making the entire process more sustainable. To do this, block generation is made by the Certified Validation Nodes (CVN) whose main feature is that they collaborate with each other instead of competing.

We have also achieved other central Faircoin goals: no more money creation, because there is no way to automate this fairly on the blockchain, making FairCoin stronger as a store of value for the solidarity economy and cooperative initiatives worldwide, and making the Faircoin blockchain into the perfect platform to be used by social currencies worldwide. This would make the FairCoin blockchain the closest thing to a blockchain for the common good.

We are in an a living process of discussion and network development in order to launch Faircoin 2, very soon. We invite to all of you to read the White paper and join the discussion: https://chain.fair-coin.org/download/FairCoin2-white-paper-V1.1.pdf
Comments: /groups/faircoop-community/faircoin/faircoin2/
Code development: https://github.com/FairCoinTeam/faircoin2
Crowdinvestment to support development: https://coopfunding.net/en/campaigns/faircoin-2-crowdinvestment/

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