FairCoop has a new Telegram Channel

Maro home post

With the aim of reaching as many people as possible, we have activated the new communication channel at https://telegram.me/faircoop. Being aware that these new applications are becoming more and more an essential tool for our daily communication, as well as a fast and personal way to have access to information of interest, we think this will be a great means of keeping in touch for everyone who wants to be updated about FairCoop’s work.

Telegram is an instant messaging application for different devices (mobile, computer, tablet) which has more than a hundred million users worldwide and is growing more and more.

Communication through this channel will be either in English or in Spanish, in order to reach the highest number of participants. So, we encourage you to join this new channel to follow the updates, news, new developments, and achievements of FairCoop.

Besides the channel, Telegram is also used as one of our main tools by the active members of FairCoop; we use it to hold assemblies and to organize the different work groups. Because of that, we encourage all the people interested in taking an active part in this transformative project to join us through it. You can find an updated list of our existing channels here: https://board.net/p/Telegramgroups

In the https://telegram.me/faircoop channel, we will provide information regarding all the active work groups in Telegram. And we also want to invite you to join us in becoming a registered member of FairNetwork (link), where you will have the chance to participate in its forums, discussions, projects, such as the online market, etc.

We hope you find this interesting and that our community gets bigger and bigger everyday. So, if you already have Telegram, join us through our new FairCoop channel, and if you still haven’t got it, get it downloaded and enter at https://telegram.me/faircoop.

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