FairCoop Survey January 2015

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The following survey has been designed to improve your user experience in FairNetwork. We want to find the best way of catering for everyone’s needs and preferences, and we need your help. Please go through the questions below and answer as many as you can. FairCoop is an ongoing participatory process which will be continuously updated and refined, and your opinion is very important to us.


How did you hear about FairCoop?

What do you like best about FairCoop?

What do you hope we can achieve with FairCoop?


Do you know FairCoop's planned organizational methods?

If yes, what do you think about these?

What do you think of this document called: Ecosystemic Decision Process?

Are you part of any commissions? If so, which one/s? If not, why not?

Do you have any suggestions regarding organization?


What do you like best about FairCoop’s website?

What would you improve?

What was your first impression when you first came across the website?

Rate our website in its current state (1-10)

What do you like best about FairNetwork’s interface?

Rate our current FairNetwork interface (1-10)


Do you feel you understand the whole project well?

If so, could you summarize it in a couple of sentences?

If not, please tell us which parts you find confusing?

How accessible is the information in the website?

How do you prefer to receive information?
(Hold down CTRL key to select more than one)

Would you like to be involved in the production of contents or news? If yes, with what kind?

How would you improve the information flow in the website?


Is there anything else you'd like to add? Please share it with us below.

Thanks so much for taking the survey!

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