Faircoop Thessaloniki

As a local node of Thessaloniki, we are working to build a new economy from below, that is fair, participatory and empowering to the people, through the development of alternative economy tools that can assist the networking of existing cooperative initiatives, as well as the creation of new projects to promote self-organisation, independence from the capitalist system and taking back control of our lives.

As part of the work that we do in the group of FairCoop Thessaloniki, people can participate in organizing, meetings, workshops and events about the use of FairCoin and all the other tools created and shared by the broad FairCoop’s community, organized by open assemblies, at the local and global level. We can also be involved in networking with collectives and projects related to the alternative economy in all the region of northern greece, in order to organise collective actions with a higher and more co-ordinated impact.


If you want to participate in Faircoop Thessaloniki


– Send e-mail to thessaloniki@fair.coop (to be added in the mailing list and / or group of Telegram)

We also host workshops where you can come and learn how to use FairCoin, accepting them for your products or services, learn how and where to spend them, as well as using the online FairMarket, or for any questions related to the new economy of the people:

For our communication we use the social network of Telegram, which you can download on: www.telegram.org.

You are invited to participate in our Telegram group, called FairCoop Thessaloniki (and other groups of FairCoop Telegram) in order to achieve better communication among all of us, answer questions quickly and be better coordinated.

We meet in an open-face assembly every two weeks. In the alternating weeks we do exchange office service. During the exchange office hours, we invite all of you to come and learn how to install your digital FairCoin wallet, buy FairCoins and find out how you can use them to exchange products and services with other FairCoin users.


We combine Mikropolis , Allos Tropos and Schoolio  spaces for these activities.

This is the calendar of the next meetings:

The calendar of meetings and exchange office actions for the month of 

- Exchange office: Wednesday 2 November 18.00 - 20.00 at Mikropolis 2nd
floor, Vas. Irakleiou 18 - Venizelou

- FairCoop Thessaloniki assembly: Wednesday 9 November  18.00 - 21.00
at Allostropos cooperative, Chalkidikis 77.

- Exchange office: Wednesday 16 November 18.00 - 20.00 at
social space "sxoleio"(is pending to confirm), Vas.Georgiou and 

- FairCoop Thessaloniki assembly: Wednesday 23 November 18.00 - 21.00
at Mikropolis 2nd floor, Vas. Irakleiou 18 - Venizelou.