FairFriday Is Back!

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On November 24th, as you probably know, many companies are going to be telling you to participate in “Black Friday”.  They will attempt to sell you things you don’t need by lowering the price. Of course there will be no Black Friday for essentials like heating, power or water – they know you have to buy those things so they will squeeze you as much as possible. Black Friday for taxes…? Erm, don’t think so! It is just for consumer and electronic goods.

So instead of participating in this over-hyped orgy of consumption, why not decide to buy nothing at all that day?  Yes, we at FairCoop are not against buying and selling things in principle, in fact we are in the process of increasing our Circular Economy via projects such as FairMarket and UseFaircoin. But on this day, why not enjoy a #FairFriday instead?

So on this day we invite you to share, exchange… basically enjoy a day without buying anything. We invite you to create your own events and let us know about it, even if it is just you sitting at home not buying anything…! And of course the rest of the year you can access our directory (Use FairCoin) and support all the projects that believe in a better world.

We believe debt-based monopoly fiat currencies created from nothing by private banks are a big part of the reason we are in the mess we are in, and every time you opt for an alternative currency, you are helping to break their hegemony over our lives. We don’t believe that FairCoin has to replace the dollar, euro, yen, yuan, peso etc, but rather in a resilient ecology of currencies allowing both free choice for the individual and the creation of solidarity across society.

So break the chains of the monocultural mainstream – one act of solidarity and cooperation fills us more than 10 bags full of plastic!

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