Statistic Fairpay campaign. Provisional final data

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    Statistics Fairpay campaign at the morning january 4th

    85 completed orders, 30 of them in Faircoin

    Charged already 45600 faircoins in fairpay. With around 1660 euros received and 15000 faircoins

    There is left until 5 january night to improve this numbers. You have until then to order the card and receive at home without shipping costs.

    After 5 of january, we continue. In principle only with grupal orders of cards and in Faircoop local nodes.

    So, lets organize yourself, create a local node… or ask for your card now!

    Thanks to all for contributing to this important launch!!

    Useful links:

    General info:
    (Order the card here until 5 of january)

    /docs/questions-and-answers-about-the-fairpay-campaign/ (FAQ
    about the launch campaign for fairpay )

    /docs/fairpay-how-it-will-work-version-2/ (More
    detailed technical information)

    (First images for sellers, will be launched on january 15th)

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    Statistics after final of the campaign (provisional)


    174 completed orders. 49 of them in faircoins, 115 in other currencies.

    Charged 99360 Faircoins in fairpay. With 3520 euros received and 28960 faircoins


    Expenses already done: 900 euros for ordering 5000 nfc tags. In transfer pending to arrival

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