mutual credit currencies and notary services

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    hi, since with ethereum (now is 2nd at marketcaps) anyone could build up local mutual credit currencies blockchain powered, won’t it be a more worthy platform than within stellar (as planned)  for a new CES?


    does fcoop wants to offer notary services based on blockchain too?

    bitnation is planning implementing its notary through ethereum, identifying with and has other plans to integrate other tools..  there are other growing list of projects doing smart contracts within, see at footer there.


    i am planning to do some smart contracts set in the bitnation fashion this next week with some mates, and we may try to reach to offer them through simple forms in a regional project domain, to serve as inspiration and later blockchain certifying integration tests

    any feedback would be nice.

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    I don’t get your first question. What you mean by local mutual credit. That there should be several local currencies?

    I constructed an online arbitration system, which smoothly fit into the German and European law. Which means that the court decision is not just a nice advice (like it is now in the most cc escrow services). With this decision you can apply for foreclosure.

    Of course this service can offer some smaller basics of notary service too.

    The cc just need to have multisign and messaging included. In the past I offered a witness for a specific time stamp/content etc. (the most cases for my notary service). Since I work with cc I can provide a hash to the blockchain, which can prove with the key and the original document, that I recieved a specific document to a specific time.

    Till now I didn’t get a lot of feedback from fcoop. So it looks like for me, that such services are not planned in the near future.

    But in any case we can exchange by ourselves. If you like to describe, which kinds of smart contracts you plan or so, you can contact me via email.

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    for first question: yes, web-app mutual currencies services similar to what the, cyclos, does for example but on ethereum or so.

    for second: apart of a classic notary and estate set, i am also minding the certifying further profile info, contribution-reputation, private contracts to increase trust, and degrees of commons.


    for fcoop would be useful is a matter of saying up to what extent it wants to certify:

    *which of its operating. Which rights you would get based in which actions? (how much reputation per doing x gives you y? foreseeable as faircredit tokens too).

    *a set of private wished relations, where some fcoop section could be escrow of them too.


    Let’s talk a bit deeper of our sets and actual machinery in the mail, cheers.

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