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    It’s important that we all agree some principles. What are these principles?

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    <h3>Under FreedomCoop</h3>

    1. It may be one big cooperative inside Freedom Coop, using OCP

    All the people interested in this project should join together the teachers coop project, as part of freedomcoop,

    people could be able to join as individuals or as a communes (at least 3 people)…


    1. It may be small cooperatives (by languages, geographical áreas, subjects…) inside a bigger one in order to facilitate the management
    2. Any teacher can be autonomous to receive payments and be part of the coop
    3. People teaching into FreedomCoop should be invited to join
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    <h3>Autonomous management</h3>
    the contents, priorities, internal ways to organize… needs to be managed autonomously by the people involved, it will be all open and free in order to collaborate and get empowerment of people.

    1. how it will be managed (maybe through FreedomCoop), according to this:

    We could organize this like a kind of guild system: a guild for Economics teachers, health teachers, etc. Every guild could be a cooperative into a supercooperative of teaching. Or it may depend as well on the languages. I don’t know. But we can find the formula.

    I guess in the case of people running physical courses in different places of the globe it is much more difficult to organize in a cooperative, but it seems extremely interesting to experiment with such an idea and I would love to be involved in something like that.

    For example I run seminars on alternative economics in Thessaloniki, so it would be great if people from other places would like to do the same and we can share materials and ideas. Or to run a similar course online for distant learners. The two different topics could be combined in some way (perhaps through a common online platform,

    After a testing phase with an appropriate tool we could offer this courses as part of FreedomCoop and organize it through the ocp

    Would them be fixed (offered) or self-managed (as in Would it be different parts for offers and demands?


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    We also have to work on the subject of competence. It should be something collaborative between us, never a competition.

    The knowledge-education prj can be discussed there. We’ll keep others informed If anyone wish to share project and ideas on the prj, please join the group. the group should comment to ocp admin group, which are the needs.

    We can stablish quality criteria for the courses through votes and comments of the participants.

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    Renumeration or free or combination

    1. PRICES Here, we have to consider that not all the pupils will belong to FairCoop and that they may be online courses and private classes, so this has to be arranged more in detail
    2. All the courses should be for free
    3. Only the courses about FairCoop must be necessarily for free
    4. All the (general) courses have to cost the same (same price for an hour of work)
    5. Every teacher or group of teachers of an specific area could decide the cost of their courses and explain it to the potential pupils
    6. Should be paid with FairCredit
    7. The hours of work can be meassured with the OCP
    8. Agree on the free license and the way the fixed contents of the courses may be distributed


    As teaching is also a work/task for (self-employment possible) this could also relevant as Faircoin contributions inside OCP as everybody has a Faircoin wallet there already (either donations or some fixed or people can also offer courses for free/voluntarily).


    We could introduce an option in FairCoop where people doing different tasks as volunteers could maybe gain some credits to make courses, like a reward token or something like this. But this idea would have to be developed more, more, more in deep, cos it should be studied the way these tokens (or whatever) are accounted. And it’s just an example of something that could be done to reward work with knowledge. OCP (the tool for freedom coop) is able to measure the “work effort” with different criterias (not only on money bases). This tool could be the solution for this point. teachings could be also measured/rewarded with hours like time banking but i guess this needs also more development work in OCP to make it possible(?).

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