Organisational_Tech_Functional requirements

  • 29/12/2016 at 00:40 #12567
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    This is topic for technological decisions. What functions we need from technology? Which workflows should it follow? What kind of data and metadata we need to structure….?

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    I think, if we start analyzing the tools available (POINT 1 BELOW), we can stablish how the courses may be, according to them:

    -prerecorded vídeos with help online

    -live classes

    -only offers OR offers and demands (so we can prepare courses according to people’s needs)

    -a voting system to evaluate the courses and the teachers

    -downloading availability for any material

    -profile of the teachers or team of teachers


    -possibilities for doing the same course in different languages (through subtitles or with different teachers but same content)

    -there will be any certificate? If so, how will people get it?

    -and so on…

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