Fairmarket, Fairshop and local nodes

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    Hello all,

    Related how to take profit of fairmarket for the  common development of the whole Faircoop i see that FairMarket could be useful to create practical collaboration with local nodes to distribute interesting and fair goods.

    So for example. Imagine that we have a great product, and the producers are open to distribute the product to us as FairCoop, but not enough involved to open their own shop in Fairmarket and sell by themselves. Here is where becomes interesting the FairShop. The fairshop its a commune shop for the whole faircoop.

    Fairshop works with an unique online emplacement in the FairMerket (onlinemarketplace), and with multiple distributors at the local level by th way of the local nodes. Therefore if for example, we buy  100 of X product, we will ask them to distribute  10 in each local node. After, when there is a bought near one local node; this node is the responsible to distribute it.

    The profit of the distribution could go mainly to the local node, and a tiny part to the global faicoop structure.

    This could be an interesting  way to selffund local nodes, and the fairmarket itself


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    I think it’s an interesting idea, more discussion would be needed about the distribution side of it; if 2017.fair.coop starts buying items in bulk and then they are not sold as much as we hoped in the local nodes then we could end up with lots of stock and nowhere to put it – the usual concerns of online businesses.

    For an easy way to test it we could sell digital goods from the Fairshop, like ebooks (the P2P Foundation has one coming out soon, eh @stacco?), digital music files etc.

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    Yes, needs to be builded a good stock manament methodology

    What can be done, in order to reduce distribution risks, is to make a poll before buying, to confirm interest between all the faircoop community and users.

    Anyway the selling of digital goods, is not needed to do through local nodes. It could be done directly by the authors or by the Fairshop but dont is needed a distribution network.


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    Maybe the problem is not about stock allocation (stock is just money wasting away, especially if you distribute it over worlwide nodes), but more about creating that value that is needed to not have stock.

    All the large online retailers are shifting their markets from having large ever lasting stocks to a decentralized system where 3rd parties have the stock and simply make the offers on the platform (look at Amazon for example). Money is earned through a commission over the sold product. If you take out the costs of stockmanagement,  they probably earn more money from 3rd party sales then they would’ve earned if they sold it themselves

    So how can we make FairMarket that promising that everyone wants to offer their goods and services on it?

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    Hello : )

    I think that our rol must be ask for the goodhealth (the lovest) local initiatives and then help to facilitate its growth…

    : )

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    I agree also with Tania, the interesting part of fairshops with local nodes are to promote local initiatives and:

    3. For contacting between projects that may offer products or services used by other projects. For example, a flour producer and a bakery.

    Regarding stock I also think is just money wasting away… I think it should work as a consumer group, you ask what you need… I think is interesting local fairshops in order to make collective commands to other fairshops..

    However I’m not quite sure I understood the main premise.. “we buy  100 of X product, we will ask them to distribute  10 in each local node”… The idea is to create like a distributor at the local level that will distribute the “big” command to the local nodes? for instance, if in spain we order to brazil mangos, they will arrive to X node and then we will distribute it to other local nodes?

    If so, I’m concern about Km0 and degrowth.. Perhaps I open a new discussion here ( or related to the products forum) but… I think that even if faircoop and fairmarket is worldwide, the aim should not transport mangos or coffee up and down ( even if are fairproducts)… the transport methodology should be described as well and a network of exchange as well, that is respectful with our ideas and if it needs to be done, at least to do it organized and avoiding stock allocation.

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    i agree with you Myliu i Tania, there are a lot of interesting interactions to develop between local nodes, local fairshops and global fairshop,

    Yes, is important to organize the buying process from the consumers and make distribution after the compromise built from them. This will make easy to move all the products in a secure way. Here we will need to buy a method related how a consumer confirm a compromise (pay faircoin in advance?)

    anyway we need to make the whole process easy at global level, to make easier also the involvement of local nodes and their local fairshops.

    Related degrowth, yes this needs  to be  discussed in the “products topic”, but its obvius that we are not thinking in importation of  Mangos or other fresh food products. But with Coffe i am not so sure, because is not produced in europe and the fact is that lot of people is consuming it therefore the  importation is going to be done anyway.

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