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  • 01/11/2014 at 03:06 #2487
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    In previous IRC meeting it was proposed a Local exchange to financiate the local nodes. That would bring as positive that everyone would have a reference point from where to obtain FAIRCOINS from a TRUSTED place, while also Nodes would have an economical income for auto-financiating. This also would permit to exchange it to local coins as Social coin or others.

    We need to discuss

    – Regional exchange tax should be defined: Same one for all? Perhaps we can take advantage of the network to make different taxes according the situation of the nodes?

    – How we manage the buying of more Faircoins to keep the exchange going on?

    – A collective wallet for the node?

    – Learning/teaching material for the nodes

    – Minting/mining wallets in the node


  • 02/11/2014 at 17:44 #2509
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    I have moved this topic to the local nodes forum, because i see that mainly is a local nodes topic, and i see the economic management group as a group for the whole faircoop related economic things,

    Interesting topic to continue sharing.

    About the topics of how to manage the buying of faircoins i see that this is easy to begin coordinated for all faircoin (and avoid a lot of work), and therefore nodes could concentrate in the local contacts, meetings and in this case, selling of the faircoins

    Otherwise related the fees, i see that we need to make sustainable the human work related (nowadays is a self funding project!) to the exchange, and this much bigger related the automatized process that you can see in exchanges online. Therefore all reference needs to be the fees of Bitcoin ATM and similars. In this case sounds fair to me fees for buying faircoin around 2% and a bit more for selling… In this fees needs to be included the cost of move from fiat local money to faircoin again after selling. (that could implicate banking fees or local bitcoin sellers fees)



  • 16/12/2014 at 17:04 #3423
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    Hello all,

    In order to setup properly Fairmarket at january, we need to manage before also some Faircoin exchange resources. I have decided to work next weeks in a way for people to buy easily faircoin from bank account or credit card. Could be a site similar than coopfunding.net but only for buying faircoin. The same structure could be useful for shops from fairmarket that need to sell faircoin.

    And local nodes could be incorparated to this work step by step, making possible physical places for buying faircoin at the local level, but connected with a global site to make it easier

    we could go detail by details around this project the next days.


  • 26/12/2014 at 13:24 #3616
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    Hey! Let me see if I udnerstand. So what we propose is to créate a online Exchange where everyone could buy faircoins with fiat money through cc or bancacount.. SO in order to get faircoins we would have:

    – Local Exchange: as point of Exchange to social coins, fiat money and so on. SELL AND BUY

    – Coopfunding as it is now – Global fairexchange: to buy faircoins with cc or bank

    – Cryptoexchange as bittrex or others that already exist.

    – obviously all local p2p Exchange



    So  if we are thinking to créate a platform, what I propose is to create one that gathers all this options together.

    I do not intend now to créate it all, for the begining we could créate just the banking one and the rest just list all the links and other options.. But that would be like a guide of How and where to get faircoins Nonetheless, I think that if we want to grow, and specially we want to extend faircoin, we should start creating owr own platforms of Exchange more close to our philosophy…. Its a lot of job and maybe not a priority.. but we could do it step by step, and by using other tools that already exist. Here I list some that I found and know

    WLOX is an open source Exchange platform that also offers fiat banking platform

    Coinffedin as a p2p exchanger

    IntegralCES: community Exchange system open source.


    So again, first I would just start with a simple page where you can find the options of:

    – BUY faircoins with cc or bank

    – pages of exchangers we know ( bittrex and so on)

    – coopfunding link

    – fórum or space for p2p Exchange (by áreas)

    – map of local nodes and points of buying

    – guides and tutorials of how to use the wallet and the faircoins.


    Annd in paralel start working on:

    – How local Exchange would work

    – Our own global exchanger


    I think if we want to use faircoins for fairmarket its important the everyone ( including those that never Heard about cryptocoins) would have an easy and trustfull place where to get information and buy them-


  • 26/12/2014 at 17:51 #3619
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    As i see the exchange process when adding our new platform getfaircoin.net

    will be like this:

    – Getfaircoin= to buy faircoin with wire transfer + CC + paypal + *local nodes.

    *local nodes could be or not at the same time spaces of exchanging other kind of moeny, like social currencies.

    – Cryptoexchange as bittrex or others that already exist.

    – obviously all local p2p Exchange (you mean personal relations of exchange, yes?)

    And besides that.

    – Coopfunding as it is now to donate faircoin + open a fair saving account

    So, the important point of update here is that Getfaircoin.net will be the base publical website, also to facilitate the work to the local exchanges,
    in the way that the local nodes, will have the forms disponible and the daily price reference to coordinate their work, and also the getfaircoin.net site will give
    all the information that people need also to go to the local nodes, to install the faircoin wallet (and others like android soon, etc…)
    With this to setup a local point of exchange will be very easy and will leave us extend the local network of points to buy faircoin.

    Therefore i agree to put in getfaircoin.net the map of nodes to buy when we get some nodes
    and also go to the details of the relation between a local node and getfaircoin.net as a global project when we begin with the first physical points.

    Perhaps the question of our global exchanger (i understand that you mean as alternative to bittrex), is the element that i see that we need to leave some time and more prioritaran projects before to enter in deep to do it..

    Well, i will try to put more updates in this thread soon about getfaircoin.net way of work, and we can cointinue discussing all this details, here.

  • 28/12/2014 at 19:42 #3642
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    About https://getfaircoin.net  (already in progress!) we can continue discussing here: /groups/faircoop-community/faircoin/forum/topic/getfaircoin-net-developement/

    and lets this thread to discuss, the specific questions of involvement in local nodes as a exchanges linked to getfaircoin.net


  • 11/01/2015 at 09:03 #3849
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    Great! Well done! 😀

    So here let’s keep the initial discussion about Local node exchange here… Back to first questions:

    Regional exchange tax should be defined: Same one for all? Perhaps we can take advantage of the network to make different taxes according the situation of the nodes?

    If they get the coins from getfaircoin, the taxes are 1% that charges getfaircoin + some % that they need to financiate the local node. We were talking about 3%?

    However I think every node should define how they want it to do?

    How we manage the buying of more Faircoins to keep the exchange going on? 

    This could be solved with getfaircoins. All nodes could have an account in getfaircoins and buy it from there.

    – A collective wallet for the node? 

    I think is interesting that each node has their wallet, not only to keep the coins, but also to MINT AND MINTE…and therefore helping to secure the system, and geting more coins to self-financiate

    – Learning/teaching material for the nodes


    Different material is being done, here in the network and also in getfaircoin. Each node could use this material to share with all people that wants to learn it by doing perhaps courses or tutorials ( iE: every monday learning about how wallet works..) Also they could create more material if needed and then share it with the rest of the community in the fairnetwork.

    – Minting/mining wallets in the node

    What I said before..

  • 25/10/2015 at 17:01 #9334
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    I relaunch discussion about local nodes exchanges.

    I Would like to suggest to make a special action from faircoop to promote local exchanges. And this could be to say that the POE exchanges will have no fees for the users that buy there –  0% –  (at the difference related online buying that have 1%. Then the 1% that are being received by the local nodes, should be donated when there are exchanges, from the getfaircoin account which is receiving the fees and have more than 30000 faircoins until now.

    By this way we can make further use of the local exchange, promote direct community relations and make grow the local exchange activities in a way that will grow up also the local incomes coming for the 1% that donates faircoop.

    This have relation with the priority of local nodes sustaintibility that we have as a priority

  • 12/11/2015 at 13:54 #9476

    I don’t have the time/manpower to be a local node in Germany, but if it helps, I can offically buy and sell FAC vs. EUR or BTC and spread the word “faircoin” a bit.

    I could accept money via wire or cash (if it is in the area of Bonn +50km).

    I think in the beginning it wont take to much effort to support FAC this way for me.

  • 12/11/2015 at 14:14 #9477
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    Hey @alexhell.  The POE of exchange that we setup with local nodes are for cash. For wire transfer we count already with a bank account in german, thanks to the friends of betabank.

    And there are some Poe, that are managed by and individual, so could be possible to setup one in Bonn if do you want to be involved in this way.  If someone wants to buy, fill the form and you receive an email for meet in person with him/her


  • 12/11/2015 at 18:29 #9481

    I checked betabank and betacoop. Looks nice. I didn’t know that they exist. They should be less hidden with faircoins.

    I am not sure, but in the moment it looks like you need to be a member of betabank (it isnt a real bank). So for buying FAC you must fill in a membership and pay 10 EUR. I don’t know, if this will be unattraktiv for some people?

    In any case: pity that we are so connected in Germany. Why they are not so active here or on bitcointalk or use.faircoin.org?

  • 12/11/2015 at 20:58 #9482
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    Faircoop is member of betabank and have an account there. So, when people use bank transfer as a way of payment in https://getfaircoin.net/downloads/get-faircoin-with-wire-transfer/  they have an option to send the money to the german bank account.

    FairCoop also uses that account for managing Fairbill as a way of payment with credit card.

    So its easy and there are not any extra cost for anyone, to use that account for buying faircoin

    Related Betabank participation, they are few people managing the coop, and have not time to be more active at the moment.

  • 16/11/2015 at 09:14 #9488

    Do you know, who manage in betabank faircoin or connect us? Maybe I can help somehow.

  • 17/11/2015 at 08:56 #9492
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    I will look on it, to put you in contact!

  • 17/04/2016 at 12:53 #10419
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    I propose to make some new steps in the autonomy of the local Point of exchanges.

    • Local nodes should receive faircoins from getfaircoin to manage directly all the process of the sells. (not depend of getfaircoin sending it, but do it directly in a full management of their action. A good reserve for each point of exchange (POE) could be 10000 Faircoins, which can grow if there are major demand.
    • The official money in cash received by the POE can be keep locally and being used for exchange to official currencies when local merchants needs it.  Anyway this should be transparent and the communication between local nodes and FairCoop should be fluent. So if there are a need of liquid solidarity between different part of the FairCoop ecosystem should be covered. (For example a node needs exchange to euros, and have not he liquid, but other node have)

    This two facilities are optative any way, and a POE is free to ask to Geffaircoin to still manage it centralized, to avoid this responsability.

    Otherwise an agreement that was taken in the local nodes assemblies, should be managed, this is to create and use a Betabank account for each node. In order to be able to move also official money in the faircoop ecosystem without fees and with transparency. Of course, not ever will be possible for the problems moving fiat money, but at least will create some facilities.

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