About a potential partnership with the Blocknet project

  • 06/07/2015 at 13:14 #8326
    Profile photo of Matthew HoltMatthew Holt

    As well as the Bitnation project using the Horizon coin project.  So is the left wing politician George Galloway as a major part of his London mayors campaign – https://mayorschain.com –  NHZ or Horizon started off as a fork of the NXT project.  Although instead of just seventy ‘founders’ starting out with all the coin distribution.  NHZ  is distributing it via bounties for development and the likes.  So maybe FairCoop should look into the platform for potential use cases and benefits.  And if FairCoin were to join the Blocknet project.  Then you would be able to natively pay all NHZ fees using FairCoin – https://blocknet.co

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