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    Glad to join amazing people here and see what is happening. I am in general interested in organic/self-healing technologies, like decentralized and mesh networks, but also in ways how people can collaborate better together. And would love to connect with others.

    Some of projects I am involved with:

    See more on my website: http://mitar.tnode.com/

    • Welcome Mitar!

      I shared your article on Telegram about the problems the archive.org people had with using cryptocurrencies in their credit union – which I think is quite constructive criticism and can help us to see how to avoid those pitfalls, and I hope we can talk more about your views on cooperative and zero interest banks too which I think is really interesting. Also I’d like to add that I met Mitar through my friend Aleks Jakulin who is the founder of http://get.ganxy.com/ and also quite interested in these areas. Talking about ideologically similiar initiatives in Slovenia, Aleks also suggested we link with the autonomous production centre in Maribor: http://brazde.org/ and passed me a contact for them.

      Thanks for joining!