How to access your fairsaving account?

  • 26/07/2017 um 14:50 #13705
    Profilbild von ChrisChris

    Hi there,

    I invested in Faircoin last week and have recieved my emails re: confirmation of payment. It said in the email an account would be automatically set up and I would receive a notification when it has been done. How do I know where to access this and how long does it take?


  • 06/08/2017 um 20:11 #13875
    Profilbild von Enric DuranEnric Duran

    Fairsaving service is very manual. Just a faircoin address in cold storage that you can follow in the block explorer.

    you only access directly to the coins when you claim to take it back. (which you can do based in the info that comes from the introductory email. Specially the faircoin address and your email.

    Beyond this; If you still not received this email, contact at

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