Freedom Coop’s Docs 13th FreedomCoop Assembly.

13th FreedomCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday December 22th 2016
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group. By mail ( ) or in other telegram group

Enric | Ursina | Mario | Paco | Chris | Maria | JD N | Eric | Lynn | Guy

Order of the day
1. Preparing close this quarters and local node distribution of 60% in faircoin.
This point is about closing the invoices quarter and prepare the first distribution to local nodes.

Notes on assembly
We could try to be a small but eficient working group for that between 1 and 15 of january. As will be the first time, can be many questions related to that that happens in the way perhaps the economic management group can be used and people who wants to help can be there. Mario and Ursina will help. we will need to confirm the fees of selfemployed members. So to reach the data needed your participation would be very useful.
We are still not sure what is needed at legal level. I think for most of that we have more time and can come after. so, we can begin with the internal part of it…which already includes invoices. And then we will have what is needed for continue later with the legal requirements
2. Project Cheap Home Village for Refugees
I have seen a comunity in france who tries to get independent as much as possible. By the way, they showed how it is possible to build a good house, out of straw and loam. La Maison Autonome, éco-hameau et vie en collectivité (PART 3) or on Youtube: “another way is Concstruccion de un Eco Domo con super adobe por Nader Khalili” or another project of PET Bottles to use as building material called “solution pure and simple”

A. Build teams who will be able to build and show others how to build cheap houses
B. Find competitions like this:
C. Get the social community to be interested and maybe be paied for a project near your living area
D. Get founded to create the team to support projects near the crises area.

Notes on assembly
Ursina proposed that in order to create a ecovillage to get people here to build houses in her region but the dream is to create a village out in the desert to give shelter to refugees. There is people in Switzerland is looking for alternative living and will have a competition, maybe the land will be cheap or for free. If we can have a example here and show people, organise parties or anything autonom, maybe we can have founded the houses in abroad, we need to make designs in the cheapest easiest way and compatible. It can be publish also in freedomcoop group on fairnetwork and people interested can contact here or there, and also maybe create a telegram group to have a debate about it, would be interesting to have a group focused for sharing about this kind of eco buildings, as perhaps people can be interested then for many areas.

3). Have a board with all projects active to see what is going on, how many people have joined, statistics…
when will be the deadline, who is maybe the initiant, so that it is possible to have one person contact, to ask further, wich group will be involved.

Notes on assembly
Is a collective question. About how to manage the info about open projects existing in Freedomcoop,This is also a question of organisation and the SW we are using. We could look which tools we have already available for this. At the begining OCP should be useful for handle it specially the process for joining groups has been developed on last times and people will be able to create groups and forms for people to join their groups there, But.. OCP is only accessible to people who is inside…So we should look if we want to get a way for make lisiting from ocp available outside or we want to publish this in website for instance.
We could provide a report that can be embedded in the website and always pull current info from OCP so we publish just a “report”. OCP devs can write a report; website people can embed it there. It begins to be more important to show publically whats going on but the projects should be able to choose if they want to be exposed in the report cause there are some projects set up so they can be joined by people; other projects are private. A suggestion is to prepare functionality request with a detailed spec of what is needed.
Also to have a Diagramm would be nice. Like 100% will be a Circle. Then you see departements, and if you click on them you see the different projects. Or you look for projects and just can say, what are your possibilities to help and it will show up where you could join. This can be a resource that can be discussed how to do in the admin group and perhaps some different than a programmer can support doing it, after learning whats going on.
To summarice:
– For the report of projects to freedomcoop website. we are going to ask techs to develop this feature integrating ocp and website to show it
– then there is a second proposal to make a Diagram about how OCP works. And we can discuss about it in the freedomcoop admin group.(Lynn and JD N will help with this). if is not only about ocp, then should include also talk on communication group, it can be two different things: for ocp scheme on freedomcoop admin and for other kind of communication resources, then communication group

4) discussion on possible venture creation for projects in Maker media publishing/production and other startup ventures.
Maker’s Guidebook to Modular Building, Open House documentary, etc. /es/groups/freedom-coop/forum/topic/venture-creation-process/

Notes on assembly
This point is related to whether FreedomCoop has any mechanisms or resources for starting ventures and if there’s an established infrastructure or ‘industrial ecology’ model that my projects might fit into. Now is a good moment and opportunity for establishing such mechanism and infraestructure. There is different people connected or interested with makers. but not still a concrete exemple with faircoop or freedomcoop, At local level there is different local nodes, in contact with maker spaces in their networks so if there is any proposal to make to them, this can be delivered by this way.
Eric’s proposal are projects he have been working on all start with a need for illustration and prototyping. Had little luck so far creating a workshop of my own out here in the deseert. The smallest scale projects I noted on the forum are a Maker guidebook for modular building systems and microyurts. Prototyping in a way that then can be maked in different workshops is an interesting network proposal. At the larger scale is the Open House project, intended to create a video series using the building of an open source home and lifestyle as a way to introduce Post-Industrial cultural concepts. There is a project by the XCTIT project: and could definitely help you with advice about getting this going Eric. Perhaps we should create a faircoop makers group here and try to put all the contacts in touch in base of that group then we could connect makers network with the faircoop ecosystem in practical bases seeing how the tools we have can be useful and what more needs to be done.
we can facilitate the platform cooperativist approach with freedomcoop, faircoin and other financial tools that will come, Also fairmarket with collective orders can be very useful for the selling part of any of the resources..Just this is an ongoing process where many things are developed and promoted at same time… So is needed to join and be part of it, more than waiting to be everything ready. With Open House I see a way of illustrating a future lifestyle people can aspire to, and thus encourage their participation. Sort of like Vinay Gupta’s notion of ‘unplugging’. You have a way of making the lifestyle demonstrated a viral meme that propgates through people’s pursuit of that ideal. The challenge is to make a complex system easy to use and understand and Fairpay is going to be a big step in that direction, And in the short-term, simple media, kits, and made-on-demand things can make some money to get by, and get production across an open value network going. There is many ways to get money producing so useful things.
Everyone agree to make a group about making and invite people of different initiatives close to us.. to join and network together. A group where different ventures can be developed using faircoop and freedomcoop tools
Next assembly January 26th

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