Freedom Coop’s Docs 1st monografic Freedom Coop assembly. May 2016

First monografic Freedom Coop assembly
Tuesday may 3, 19h CET

1. New proposals of contents
– Proposal of second option of memberhsip based in OCP use.
– New progressive fees proposal.
See the full document here: /docs/website-content-to-be-added/

Notes on Point 1. Proposal of second option of membership in OCP (Open Collaborative Platform)
To add more members than those who need to use the legal form and like to use the OCP, or people who do projects without making invoices, is a way to make broader and still more interesting the freedom coop:
This platform is being build based in the codebase and support. Amongst others it will let us:
a) Boost open collaborative projects between people in different emplacements.
b) Manage collective projects setting up and accounting tasks from any member.
c) Account the time spend and other criterias by every member to use it as a base for incomes distribution and a way of self-configuration for any project.
d) Manage the monthly fee and tax distribution beween Freedom COOP and their members.
e) Manage an online faircoin wallet to accept and make payments.
The only requirement in that case is to pay the membership fee (30 €) and if the member use OCP for receiving and managing payments, he could also join the periodic fees.
Notes on Point 1. New progressive fees proposal
The intention is Making that proposal progressive, in the sense that people who have less incomes pay less, and also pay less % and Also was created a free zone, so the people with more low incomes, not pay any montly fee.
The new proposal have sections of 250 euros, for each section the % grows around 0.50% and the quote grows in absolute numbers progressively, for being coherent with the 0.50% grows. The goal of that is more between 0 and 10000 for quarter at the time that % moves from 0 (free zone) 3%, and 24% when arrives to 10000 on three months.
Accounting will be faircoins and invoices only can be euros if there are an invoice but faircoins can be with invoice or not.

2. Updates about Open Collaborative Platform (OCP) and decitions to take
* Put together a team who can work directly with people in the first pilot, and interface back to Mikorizal with improvements and bug fixes needed
* Make a plan to train this team in OCP
* Complete configuration of OCP for Freedom Coop (with this team)
* Install OCP in more permanent place – status and decisions
* What do we need for simple permission structure for the pilot?
Notes on Point 2.
– The idea is to begin a pilot project in OCP, just next week, teach people how to use it.
The proposal that we have for a pilot project, is the Call center coop network. That pilot project will help us to see if the usability needs to be improved and how. So people on the team will need to be involved enough to be able to understand from teaching and watching people, it will take some time commitment for some days… Bob and Lynn teach the team.
Enric suggest that the people on the pilot project should be the people who already is supporting call center or wants to do it, and at same time, a general admin group for the OCP should be created, so, we need people with a more general commitment with admin in the OCP and people more focused in the pilot project. This is not a tech task but to check the OCP Enric, Xavip want to be involved and Maro,Valentina and Roland in the admin group but Maro in a secondary role. Perhaps the people who is joining as admin group could make a proposal for the next assembly but after they have been trained. The people in the admin group are a good place to do it, then we can work with it in the pilot. Bob and Lynn will meet with the admin group soon and work things out in that group. Valentina suggest a telegram small admin group to define what is needed and maybe we write user stories (agile dev method) to define, who wants to do what for the pilot. We decide to create a freedom admin group for the configuration issues where people from management and from tech join together to collaborate on this we can indeed use OCP to organize tasks, always good to do so!
For the pilot project Enric will look between the people who is already in call center
– Next practical question is how to get the OCP installed in a more permanent place. Server

3. Updates about public website.
– proposal of the information architecture
Notes on point 3.
Bernini has prepared a simple information architecture with division of contents and the main pages to build for the public website we should add some part of political background connecting with the faircoop ecosystem maybe a specific page under “about” , also why and a dedicated news area is useful. And somewhere to mention about the local nodes and where we explain how we distribute the incomes (60/40%) The process to join, we should analize that process, and how to make it decentralized if possible. should be connected with account creation in OCP That the validation of members not depends of one person or small central group. should be in an open system easy to do as a collaborative perhaps we should create a project on OCP for validating new members, the selfregistration on OCP, could be managed by that group, connected with membership
There is also some debate about the statment related to disobedience about not to declare it so clear but some think is neccesary to say it clear as disobedience doesnt means scam, political statement is quite important in this process because We need to engage political movements like ZAD and Rojava people on that.

4. Updates about legal process
Notes on point 4.
We are pending of an answer of registry about if they accept faircoin as a capital 😉 if they say yes we can continue with the registration if not we need to get 30k between bitcoin and other easy accountable assets like cars, so then we avoid to be controled by a private bank. We should ask them to give feedback faster, because if not have a solution in two weeks one of the process would prescribe and should be repeated again.
Another problem with faircoin is that we should know how to proof it because the way like the one on is not ready for faircoin So, should be developed or make another agreement or for example, to accept other way, like to choose an adress and a time we are going to put the faircoin there to proof, we sent.
Anyway also could be possible a provisional action to begin with first projects if needed if everything is ready and not still legal form like using a CIC cooperative provisionally with an agreement with cic, should be a way, like freedom coop is a member, and then inside we have autonomy.

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