Communication’s Docs 2nd Communication Team Open Assembly. Jan 2016

2nd Communication Group Open assembly.
January 14th at 18.00 CET (Barcelona, Paris, Berlin)
Place: Telegram, Faircoop media & communitacion team group
Participants (please add your name, nickname in order I can add you to the telegram group)
Notes on the assembly
We talk about the rest of the people who want to be involved, like Christine (I remember her to add to the group).
We have other guides about wallets that can be integrated into this one
About to make the guide more visual with more images so for that Bumbum and Bernini are going to help with design. 
We need toclarify the content previously in order to have clear what content to include and how to integrate other guides we have yet
Also Bumbum say that we can use the style guide he is creating in order to have a unified image and start create our visual identity:
Ale couldnt be part of the assembly to update us about how the development of the Fairmarket is doing but in the pad related with the communication strategy there is a lot of good work done that we can start to develop, we leave this point for the next assembly
Notes on the assembly
It is still in at early stage so you can find more info in the pad
Notes on assemly
As We was at the same time that the assembly focused on the launch of the disobedience campaign we didnt finish the assembly so all of this issues will be discussed the next assembly that will be the next January 28th at 18.00 CEt

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