Ecosystemic Community’s Docs 3rd Meeting 8.10.2014

8 of October 2014
place: Earth/internet
  • myliu
  • Enric
  • SuperMario
  • Sofia
  • Pensagato
  • Ugio
  • Stella
  • örsan

1. EXTENSION: spread the word about Fair Coop

– Online Conferences is a proposal by the Integral Permaculture Academy (small team there experienced at doing educational online conferences), please give feedback here > /members/ronin/activity/3310/

[proposal to use bigbluebutton for online extension webinars]   great 🙂 we could do with someone with experience in operating that.  Also super-important that content doesn’t get lost years later (stored somewhere safe)
–> We will start with spanish/catalan material for the coming events and after we can translate it. 
  • We will have powerpoint, stikers and leaflets. 
  • Share design and print locally.
Stella & Jose happy to help with translating powerpoints for this

– Contact letters to send/groups/faircoop-community/extension-comission/documents/ Already translated to spanish and portuguese. We will upload it in extension commission

– Events? /docs/events/
Translation topic –> In order to spread the word may be important to translate at least the “in a glance” text /the-earth-cooperative-for-a-fair-economy/  and add some visual reference of this translations in the frontpage. It’s important too to translate the open letters fast.

2. How to create Local nodes

– what its needed to create local nodes?
– tasks?
– how many ppl?
– faircoin node as well?
Existing nodes
What is a node?
local nodes can help in creating local coops but are a different thing
they are not productive entities, but networking/communication/political
nodes can also be seen as extensions of the coop
they are a tool to make this in a more broad and descentralized way at local level
to connect all the local fair economy and collectives with
it’s a new group created in order to get connected to faircoop – by networking with existing local groups
nodes needs to be inventive, creative, and think about the better way in their local contexts (there is no step by step process to follow – do whatever works to connect people)
the tools and knowledge to share will be so big, that local nodes will need to choose priorities
Operational procedure instruction (OPI, or protocols):
    To be open, and have channels to be contacted so other people can join
    to work in a participatory and consensual way
    etc. … in tune with the principles /principles/
Tasks of Nodes ?¿


3. How to exchange?

With this recent problems in mintpal, we could need to define the ways that we want to use to exchange without depending of not trusted parties

next + discuss about future coop exchange  on bittrex (this depending of bitcointalk)
Talk about local exchanges in the socialnetwork. 

4.  It Commission

– welcome It group

– updates of libfaircoin and android wallet  (i think that is already will be public before the meeting)

– Permalinks solution

5.  Projects Organization

6. Provisional Council members

Trying to launch the first councils, next week:

Ecosystem council and Commons council are going near to have the 6 minimal members.

7. Update from commissions

8. Open microphone