Ecosystemic Community’s Docs 3Th FairCoop Assembly

Third FairCoop Assembly.
Time: Thursday November 19 th  
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)
Place: the pad + FairCoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group
1. Fairmarket plan and budget
This comes from that topic
here fairmarket budget proposal:
Notes on the assembly:
Needs to be seen by coders. Some would be done at hackathon(18-22 december). Waiting for input on payment processor. About the hackathon idea, it would be 4 days and an invitation for coders to come. This is when elleflane is free to spend time.
Some also have volunteered to do some more configuration of Fairmarket. The timeline is suggested 2 months, so end of January. This would mean mostly preparing the hackathon, and all the code for it, and then tidying up and debugging after.
Hackathon expenses can be paid in advance if they are added to the budget proposal. The server costs can be paid monthly if necessary.
Ale suggests each task being allocated an amount of reimbursement and this to be reviewed/revised at the next assembly.
Proposal to hold the hackathon at Som Comunitat – they would charge about 10 units per day per person for food and board.
Translation of the software. Ale thinks some of this is already there as part of odoo, but we will need to make some changes. Thinks he has totally overestimated but the point is wether to pay or not for translation.
Possibly start with just English then we can add more after the Beta. After the beta launch it will be easier to get voluntary translations, because the market will work.
User documentation can be done on the communication budget together with voluntary work. Programming documentation will depend on how much already exists for Odoo.
Sarah Manski says ‘ I want to donate my website as platform for fair market if it would help get things started.’
2. Proposal for avoiding getfaircoin fees in local nodes, and pay from faircoop to local nodes the same amount of the fees.
Notes on the assembly:
“And this could be to say that the POE exchanges will have no fees for  the users that buy there –  0% –  (at the difference related online  buying that have 1%. Then the 1% that are being received by the local  nodes, should be donated when there are exchanges, from the getfaircoin  account which is receiving the fees and have more than 30000 faircoins  until now.
By this way we can make further use of the local exchange, promote  direct community relations and make grow the local exchange activities  in a way that will grow up also the local incomes coming for the 1% that  donates faircoop.”
Makes it clear to users that the nodes are not in it for profit and that the local nodes are the preferred way to buy Faircoin. The rate is the same as getfaircoin and they only accept cash.
0% fee for the buyer and 1% earn for local node. Getfaircoin fund is distributed to local nodes.
Proposal agreed. We need to promote that news, and use it to promote more and more POE and local nodes around!!
3. Faircoin related to black friday  (27 of November)
We might want to incorporate the language “Buy Nothing Day”, which is what I’m familar with in the U.S.A.
Notes on the assembly:
Could be about ethical trading and constructive markets, rather than dropping out of the system for a day.  “trade” or “share the wealth” on “Fair Friday”. It is an oportunity to be connected with this day and act or exchange things with no currency involved. Also maybe reach out to the occupied factories in istanbul and argentina and elsewhere…
For example in Greece there are many initiatives like time banks, and solidarity exchange networks that we can cooperate with and arrange events.
We can do a poster advertising Fair Friday, blog post etc. It’s the day before Thanksgiving in the USA so we can do Fairgiving too.
Potential Donations:
Naomi Klein’s book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate
Francis Moore Lappe’s book, EcoMind
Gar Alperovitz’s book, What Then Must We Do?
Subscription to Adbusters Magazine
4. Freedom coop a legal tool for the integral revolution
The idea is to create a legal tool for integral cooperatives around Europe. We would need to decide where is the best place to incorporate it. Then as integral cooperatives we use legal knowledge for supporting economic disobedience.
An EU Coop is a first level coop, that can trade in all Europe, and it’s based in European law, that is, obliged to be accepted by all the member countries.  Local people could be members of a European coop, to legally create an internal market that can not be taxed.
The creation of the coop needs 5 individuals. If someone want to join contact PM with E.
We agreed on creating the european coop.
we need to create a legal & accounting team and  have a grant for creating the coop.
I know a little about new ideas around EcoLaw or Commons Law being discused in the U.S.A. Here is a link to a prezi I made ->
Other thoughts:
Cooperation Jackson is a group in the U.S.A with shared values.
5. Proposal: New faircoin fund for refugees
The idea is to create a fund with at leas 500,000 faircoins for helping to make projects with selfmanaged solidariy and promoting sustainable living and solidarity economy for war and economic refugees…
That should be an specific fairfund with different rules than the ones created at the beginning of faircoop
Ale propose to implement money changing points
Local nodes are not who get the funds, but who helps the interested to connect with faircoop for the fund of course faircoop local people is not going to solve the problems for make a project…. (in general) so we need a group to manage this fund and decide how to rate or prioritise projects but others collectives and groups working with refugees can do it…
First we need to raise the fund! So, we need to present it, promote it and get the faircoins
suggestion to create a refugee fund assembly, to manage the fund
What is important also, is that most of refugees have no legal status for working in the EU then with tools like integral cooperatives and faircoin they can do normal activity at the legal/economic level
The main goal is to help when they sustain in a place after travelling while we have a strong global south fund to link with projects in their countries of origin.
To make the funds useful, Faircoin will be needed to use for exchange economy, which is one of our current goals So, solidarity groups and refugees groups receive faircoins, they can spend it with food producers, etc…
Yet, FairCoin funds would be more useful in places where active local nodes and a FC market exists… for a start.
We should raise funds. it should be some kind of crowdfunding campaign. We could add the refugees fund to coopfunding to get funding there to buy faircoins
An announcement and a change to the website also needs doing too. Ideas: the draft document that is on the network can be improved it…
6. Mapping of Human resources
Creation of a map of people involved in the project (fully, part- time, occasionally,…) and which areas in order to know what we need (to make an open call for collaboration) and to organize ourselves, to be part of meetings and create links with other projects in a coordinated way.
Bumbum is preparing map of fairnetwork members, with local nodes shown too.
7. Strategies 4 Real participation and Involvement 
We need to make working groups and have a comms meeting soon.
December could be a good time to make some new article. specially with the launch of refugee fund. Call to action which can be used on US activist blogs (possibly collaborative, Nathan Schneider might like to be involved).
About improving and maintaining participation again, maybe an important task is to support members of faircoop in our nodes, who have got stuck or aren’t participating very much, and show them how.. maybe we need a welcome group for these new people, or one that can check use.faircoin listings or fairmarket, and make sure the users of those things are okay. Also I agree that every work group should have it’s own assemblies.
8. Proposal for new timetable for the assemblies (open a doodle and vote) 
Michalis K. – I would prefer that we have a pre-set day for the assemblies as this allow me to adjust my day program accordingly. In order to be more fair (!) we could change the day from month to month e.g. Thursday in October, Wednesday in November e.t.c. We could think of a pattern like that. It is better for someone that has a constant meeting or job the exact day of our assemblies, so probably he/she can at least attend the next ones.
Notes on the assembly:
The general consensus was to keep things as they are as this meeting has been the best attended so far.
9. Know the state of Global South fund and Presentation of the project to open a School in Rajasthan that is looking for fund of GlobalSouth
First af all. Related to the state of global south fund, i think that we need to have a bigger network in the world specially in the south country. So, we can not distribute global south funds, where we have no nodes or something similar. 
There are networks there.. we had a visit recently from someone who had been sent through to the CIC by nathan actually.. who was from a network of cooperatives in one region in india.
if Ferdinand is going to stay in india some time, he could work on creating a local node in that region involving local people.
Perhaps it could be valuable, now that there are more people doing things in the faircoop telegram and fairnetwork, to make a call for an extension working group to southern countries where there is still not faircoop
Michalis K. – Greece
(I write some of my opinions here since they are a bit long and I am not sure If I can fully participate in the forthcoming open assembly)
Regarding funding of various project, I propose that we have a more specific procedure. For example, there should be enough time to inform ourselves and be able to judge a project (e.g. 2 weeks). The proposed project should be in the groups-forums of FairNetwork as well and maybe set up an on-line grading depending on commonly acceptable criteria.
I don’t feel comfortable judging which project should be funded and to what extend, mostly because I don’t have the experience. Furthermore, this assembly, although open, acts more like a council since not all of FairCoop members participate. Maybe more time and enough publicity of the proposed projects would minimize some of these defects.
10.In addition to all this  (although it is irrelevant to the specific thema) I propose to have a regular  thema in assembly’s agenda, e.g. once in 3 months, the economic update (incomes-expenses) of the various funds. Even better, could that be updated real-time in a webpage of FairNetwork, that all members could visit?
E’s answer: we are doing monthly updates in the Fairnetwork. We can also remember to link to it in the assemblies.