Freedom Coop’s Docs 3th Freedom Coop Assembly. June 2016

3th Freedom Coop Assembly
June 21th 19.00 CET


1. Set up of OCP
– Decide where production ocp will be hosted.
· debian system, apache, ssl, certification, domain, …
· scalable (now few requirements, but it can grow and we don’t know what will be needed)
· free from big companies control
– Decide which django version now 1.4, solved until stable 1.6, working on 1.7, last LTS django version is 1.8 can this improvement be shared with other nrp communities and work together?
– Improvements in UI and UX
– Warm reception of new users: documentation, tutorials, online help, …
Notes on point 1
if it’s possible to pay the hosting in faircoins, it could be good the hosting to be an economic agent inside ocp, and be paid from the contribuitions of users. If some € are needed it can be changed in getfaircoin.
Fundo say would like to make it hibrid ( €+FC) and the final “price” just depends on the specific need for OCP, ram, disk space …. and so on. In the begining, it seems that the resources needed are low. They can set up a VM or a container . the rest is up to the team to choose.
As an example Sensorica is the biggest NRP site:
software and static files: 1.93 GB
Postgres db: 31.27 MB
183 users
It would be awesome to be able to use the OCP itself to factor in maintenance and admin time.. 🙂 there are some django plugins that might help with that see
So waht are the inicial resources alocated to OCP hosting ? disk usage of is 276.02 MB. that’s with sqlite.
You’ll want Postgres for production. that’s software, static files + sqlite db
The big problem is if it goes down on the day faircoin is supposed to flow through, or during some big project, and people get stuck? all faircoin interactions are handled thru a cronjob, so if the main system goes down, the cronjob will pick up where it left off the main system just puts request in the db.
Would be good to register @fundodacritica in ocp and have any time you devote to this logged.. even if it’s not paid, I think it’s useful to use it ourselves.
So the proposal is to start with @fundodacritica hosting, monitoring resources, and calculating the budget from there. 2GB RAM + 50 GB space for the first step ?
and then it grows … has the needs cames …
about the domain? Something like is ok, isn’t it?
The server admin, app admin, developers, etc.. all we can communicate in FreedomCoop Technical
In other hand ocp needs a work plan,and server/maintenance resource type Ale can help with it.
About django version, we are in progress, we’ll do what we can, but now could be 1.6 stable, but not sure just made it while developing the UI and UX analises that i+m doing for ocp. django version is technical or there are any decition to take at more political version? technical, the only political issue is about share it with other nrp communities, if possible, to walk together.
About Improvements in UI and UX bernini was also interested in working on the UI…this would probably good to have a direct design realation to the freedom coop website, we had a talk a couple of days @alefernandez talked about it also , and @zumbrunn and I are also interested in that We could announce the need for UX perspectives also on the design group if anyone is in it here? we should assume to beginn with still not a lot of work in the UI and UX perspective but, perhaps assuming a short term priority of improving usability of main tools.
the UX knowledge will come a lot from the pilot, and observing how people will use the system. Of course some work can be done ahead of time too. it needs to be translated too, that is a work to be pending after is already being used in english.

2 – Use of the application for pilot test (I don’t know if it is the right place to discuss or the admin group)
– Set up of users
– Set up of the “support team”
– Set up of activities & resources
Notes on point 2
we should define the pilot needs, Eductaion for people roles and responsibilities of admin. who will participate and when and which resources they have? To plan education for us and for them. Coop workers are needed and Enric has not being capable to facility them to join this last weeks, they has not being proactive on that, because still dont know a lot of OCP, so nothing special to say at assembly level, is about organization…
any task like membership management or CVN management can be useful for that the one that is ready before will show the way and help with bugs but the faircoin functions will need a lot of shakedown, also member management can be the right one for that, with the first fee, but ocp software, as of now, does not have anything for member management and the first fee.
About the membership form Here’s the form now: Any other suggestions for improvement in the form, too.
Whenever we get some rough agreement,will be finished in the next 24 hours maybe a “freedom coop internal system” can be a tech pilot.. we could pay ourselves fairpennies so it would be just a test.. so then the pilot is more of a “human” pilot.. from a “mapper” perspective, the OCP can be really simple if it has a kind of “wizard” that takes you through the stages..

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