Communication’s Docs 4Th Communication Team Open Assembly. Feb 2016

Fourth FairCoop Communication Assembly.
Time: Thursday February 11th  
18h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)
place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group
1. Update of refugees fund campaign. 
The start of the campaign was good and we collect more than 1800 €.
Next steps:
– In contact with Cointelgraph (a magazine related to cryptocurrencies) to publish an article about Faircoop and include the campaign.
– In contact with post growth alliance to help us spread it.
Strategy for further steps to continuing promoting it.
– add the slogan sentence in the coopfunding campaign (now its only in the image) with the diferent languages
– add images to the’s refugees post (as in coopfunding)
– embed the campaign widget in’s post and think which other places for it
– Translate the coopfunding campaign into other languages
– Writte a mail to send to the mail list and our networks, we can make direct letters to groups like ouishare or the german refugees welcome network to ask for involvements. We can start with organisations and networks that already know FairCoop and then all others*.
– Megan say she used to work for a startup that did PR for other startups, especially for their crowdfunding campaigns. They were mostly all tech-focused, but what worked really well was writing to blogs, kind of laying out a template for a story they could publish. 
– Twitter storm on Thursday 18.2 from 20.00-21.00 greek time. for tweets
Ale is going to create a spreadsheet with all the info about the contacts and a record of who has been contacted*.–vYf2pzQ-k-JAD3AnPb-DV96CgVcr
*We also need to clarify how to publicise to both groups who could access the funds, and to groups who have euros to donate to it, At the moment 70% of the funders are spanish, we need to get involvement of networks from other countries to make it bigger .
Manage of the fund
We should focus on developing ideas and plans about how to develop and use the funding, and share then  thats plans for the crowdfunding better awareness.
Meanwhile as a global faircoop we should focus on the european networks that have afinity with our values and grassroot solidarity and invite them to join the conversation in the telegram group and also in the fairnetwork
2. Local nodes Strategies. 
Update of the last meeting
(Added a summary of that meeting in the corresponding pad )
– We are going to share this document in the local groups on the fairnetwork
– We can add all the presentations we have to be use by everyone to create their own presentations based on the needs.
– We can start with a tentative index and develop or collect the content
– Focus on that for the next 2 weeks then and have an update in our next assembly.
3. Fairmarket Comunication. 
We need to start to create documentation about how to use it.
Ale is writting a post for the web to announce the launch
We also need to practice more with the fairmarket in order to have a deep knowledge and to create a practical guide. The more visual, the best.
4. Redesign the Faircoin logo.
This was launched in the meeting, we can make a contest to designers and the award will be in faircoins. This is very new we discuss about it next assembly when we have a concrete proposal.
5. Faircoin Spring.
This was a proposal of the local nodes fund proposal. It also needs to be developed more in deep so we also talk about it the next assembly.
Next assembly wil be held next February 25th at the Telegram group at 18.00 CET

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