Global South Comunity

The open group for members willing to participate in the Global South debates, about the structure, The Global south fund, the nodes organization and the candidate projects acceptance criteria.

  • Global South Council

It’s the global south Council group, only for members. You can apply to became a member of this council

This is a groups to share experiencies and ideas related Integral Cooperatives model of Local and Bioregional transition, and to help new local/regional groups to create more Integral Cooperatives.

Ecosystemic Community

The general community group, where anybody can collaborate in the general Faircoop ecosystem.

The FairCoop ecosystem Council, where their members can collaborate and debate about general

  • Ask us anything!!

We are the FairCoop promoter team, if you have any doubt, just ask us!

  • FairSaving

Fairsaving is the savings service FairCoop provides. Your savings will help to enhance the value of faircoin and therefore of the different Fairfunds managed by FairCoop. Thus, Fairsaving is born as the first […]

  • Extension

For mutual cooperation

  •          Broadcasting and Culture

Organize and participate in events to raise awareness of the initiative.

This commission’s tasks are mainly:
– Be aware of all public events that faircoop could take part on
– Contact them and coordinate […]

  •       Fair Coop Colombia

Grupo para Coordinar esfuerzos y Cooperación en Colombia

  • Tutorial Course

This is a working group to create different tutorials, and materials in order to explain and introduce faircoop.

  • Fair.Coop UK

Space for people intending to promote Fair.Coop in the United Kingdom.


  •  Communication

Here you can find all the working commissions related to the communication area of FairCoop.

  • Translation Comission

– How to contribute to the translation of the website? –> /docs/how- to- cooperate-with-translations/
– You may start translating the summary here: […]

  • Portuguese Translation

This sub-group is used to coordinate translations to Portuguese, including collaborative work and peer-review of translations. If you’re translating something to Portuguese, drop here a line to make sure
This Commission is the one responsible to contact the different communication

Social Networking

We work on developing and improving a ecosystemic social media component to suport other branches and trees of the fair.forest


IT comission

web administration and development.


This is the group to improve this website, you can help detecting bugs, or proposing improvements.
This include the frontpage content, and also all the improvements related FairNetwork

Economic management

Manages internal expenses of the faircoop and the pooled fund.



Faircredit will be’s big bet on monetary innovation to build, thanks to its complementarity with Faircoin and the work of and its members, a new, more equitable and globally efficient economic […]



Welcome to FairNetwork : This is the Support group for newcomers
Bienvenida a la FairNetwork : Grupo de soporte para los recién llegados

  • Welcome collectives

For all collectives that forms FairCoop.
This group tends to be the first contact between different collectives and fairnetwork. Introduce yourselves to the community, share your experiences, your ideas and […]


Group for discussions and projects directly related to Faircoin

Commons Community

It’s the open community group about the Commons free knowledge projects and the Commons Fund

  • Commons Council

The Commons Council group, the internal space for the members of this council


Technology Infrastructure Community

The open group related to the Technological Infrastructure Fund, it’s matters, topics and issues.

  • Technology Infrastructure Council

The group to share the internal Council work of the Technological Infrastructure Fund.


Local nodes

This group is created do a tree of local nodes. Therefore the local nodes could be a subgroups of this group

  • Node Support Comission

Gives support to local nodes, and to faircoop members willing to create a local node

  • fairCoop Argentina

Grupo para coordinar tareas en Argentina

  • fairCoop Catalunya

This is the space for meet together the people promoting Fair.Coop in Catalonia.
Aquest es l’espai on trobar-nos les persones que promovem la Fair Coop a Catalunya

  • FairCoop Brasil

Grupo pra nos coordenar no Brasil

  • North-Coop

A group for people in Norway and the northern ereas around (Sweden, Finland, Russia etc.) that have ideas and projects they want to discuss.

  • C. Valenciana

Aquest es l’espai on trobar-nos les persones que promovem la Fair Coop a la comunitat Valenciana

Here is the place where people from ”Comunitat valenciana” area could meet and work together

  • FairCoop Ile de France

This is the group for the French users around Ile de France, the region of Paris.

  • FairCoop Germany

Dies ist die deutsche Gruppe. Hier könnt ihr beispielsweise eure Ideen für Einzel- oder Gemeinschaftsprojekte einbringen und austauschen oder lokale Treffen organisieren um das in […]

  • FairCoop BZH

Voici de quoi nous coordonner et nous organiser en Bretagne historique

  • FairCoop Portugal

Grupo Português da FairCoop
– Grupo de Tradução Português
/groups/faircoop-community/communication/translation- comission/portuguese-translation/forum/

– Nó Local Porto

  • FairCoop Madrid

FairCoop local node in Madrid, Spain

  • FairCoop Galway

Local node for FairCoop in Galway, Ireland

  • FairCoop Cascadia

Local node for FairCoop in the bioregion of Cascadia

  • FairMarket

Group for discussing and organizing the way how FairMarket will work