Assembly minutes Thessaloniki local node

Minutes for the meeting 1st June 2016 , Micrp.


Today we mostly spoke about the Call Center.

The website is up and running and is looking great.


Some action points are in bold. The minutes are in priority order!


1) Problems accessing main page of website and other parts that are limited, including map – the team need to work out a way to get past IT website problem from Abd.  (he has the ‘creator’ login, and so he needs to handover the login details and control)

2) Buy laptops for the call centre team. There is money to do this in A.  account. A., O. and R.will organize this in the next couple of days.

3) When using articles from other sources on the website, please include the link to, or the name of the original source (at the moment there is also a problem adding links to the website).

4) English language mistakes – will need to correct them at some point when we have better access. Others will need to be able to contribute too.

5) The appearance of the donations page needs to be worked on to attract more donations.



Need for clearer communication was agreed by all!

R., Y.and Y., and E. to talk about a few unresolved issues.

The team to talk to Abd. about accessing the website.

Buy laptop!


NEXT MEETING: Thursday 16th June in Mik.  at 5pm



Faircoop Thessaloniki meeting 16 June 2016


Agenda for the general meeting on Thursday 16 of June at 4.00 Mick.


  1. Organise the exchange office

Updates from the progress so far (e.g. All.) and discuss next steps (also think about who would like to join alternative currencies and promote the idea)

Update about the video project (one of the videos may focus on the link between alternative currencies and food, so could be used to promote the idea)

  1. Organize the callcenter room
  2. Small updates about the school (progress and next steps)

Possibly also discuss the participation of refugees at No Border Camp workshops that will be part of the summer school.



Translation in Arabic needs a lot of time.  Google translation is not good so must be a medium solution.

  1. must teach the others how to add contents to the web.
  2. has content permission to that but not for programming.

Wait for phone number.

  1. started a group in f/b and a YouTube channel and has communication with other initiatives.

Must be also an application for mobile phone.

Another laptop donated from Ch.

Video for the call center for Antiracist festival will be arranged between refugees and P.

If call center is not ready soon video it will not be extended. Narration in different languages will be added during the summer in the video.

Y.will represents also the Call Center in the main discussion of Antiracist festival.

There will be a flyers table in Antiracist festival for Call Center and laptop presenting the video. A will help with the graphics. Phone number and web address must be written on the brochure in many languages.

Faircoop local node

Wallets have installed in the Call Center’s computer

Wallet also installed in Ch.  laptop to be used in All.  for exchange office needs (Not installed yet!)

Must be a call to Mic.  to join faircoin

Exchange office’s physical space in Mic. and All.

All.has join faircoin

Video shooting in All. during the presentation of KOINO and FAIRCOIN by J.



General assembly of faircoop Thessaloniki 30  June 2016

Antiracist Festival, 1-3 July


Agenda for the general meeting on Thursday 30 of June at 4.00 Mic.


Participation in global FairCoop processes

Participation of Thessaloniki people in global FairCoop groups.

Introduction and explanation of why this is important

Discussion about who wants to join any group.


Faircoin / Exchange office

Call to Mic. to join faircoin (already agreed about KOINO and needs to reach a decision at the general assembly)

Arrange open event at All.  about FairCoin, Freedom Coop, FairMarket etc


Participation in later summer festivals

  1. Eco festival of M.P. Chalkidiki

Proposal of presentation of kigeo (social supported agriculture)

about 12-15 of August

  1. Camp in Sk.

Proposal of presentation of integral cooperative and freedom coop for producers in about 23-24 July (first weekend of the camp)

Proposal of the documentary of Anti.about integral cooperative to be presented in Sk. camp

  1. Antiracist festival video (this was already agreed to be filmed after the Festival)


Antiracist Festival, 1-3 July

  1. Text correction and graphics to be added to the flyers for antiracist festival
  2. A poster must be designed for the same festival
  3. Shifts must be arranged for the call center table in the antiracist festival and also night guard as a group (on Friday night)


Call center

  1. The look of the website should change to become more appropriate to the idea of the project

(at the moment too business like and technocratic)

  1. The first page must have introduction of the call center and faircoop
  2. Telephone number of call center
  3. Refugees payments of June
  4. Finish with the preparation of the room at Mic. to host the call center office (perhaps someone should speak to M. about this)


Leaflet’s look has improved from P.Translations in different languages from refugees done. Leaflet for faircoin also created. Promotion of faircoin will take place in the festival and 40 faircoins will distribute as a donation per person limited to 300 persons.

Faircoin / Exchange office

All. have joined the assembly with very useful suggestions.

A presentation of faircoin, freedom coop and fair market in an open event at 14th or 21st of July in All. . Date must be fixed next week. Producers must be present. Help to All.  to establish their shop in fairmarket.

Participation in global FairCoop processes.

Participation of Thessaloniki people in global FairCoop groups is important, such as local node, freedom coop, and global faircoop assembly that take place event 3rd Thursday of the month.

Call center

All. will buy a telephone line with their VAT number and operate it in Mic.  until freedom coop have a VAT number in Greece.

Bill will be paid from refugee fund.

For Hubs and technical issues must be a call to join the assembly   to the “hack sp”.

Room must be cleaned and be paint to be available for the call center. Also some furniture must be placed.

Salary must be given to refugees for June -200 Euros per person and 3000 faircoins for all for the food- agreed. Faircoins must be given every 2 weeks. 300 Euros will be given to each one when call center starts to operate.

Web site will be improved next days.

Participation in later summer festivals

Presentation of integral cooperative in about 26 of July by E. (translator is needed)

Next assembly in All.14th or 21st of July before the event



General Assembly FairCoop Thessaloniki July 14  2016 18h at All TROPOS.


  1. Updates from Lesvos

1 Methodologies No Border camp workshops

– About the workshop on Tuesday 19 (alternative economy) and the two on Friday 22 (school and freedom coop)

  1. Presentations

– FairCoop presentation event in Al.

Confirm final day.

– Presentation in Sk.

  1. Freedom Coop development in Greece and Thessaloniki
  2. Call center developments

– Telephone line


  1. Participation in the CSA European meeting
  2. Next contact to accept faircoin

– Eclectic

– Poeta

– Akyvernites Polities

– Grocery Mic.

– Spanish restaurant


– Fees for the e-banking account of A.

-payments of leaflets


General Assembly FairCoop Thessaloniki July 14 18h at Al TROPOS.


  1. Updates from Lesvos

E.and Ch. followed a conference in Lesvos on refugees, met interesting people and brought us their impressions.

They made the presentation ‘Solidarity economy and the refugees’ which had great success

They met a female cooperative who wants to sell their products in Thessaloniki.

Also visited the refugee camps, where they were not allowed to enter except one.


1 Methodologies No Border camp workshops

Presentations of the refugees of call center at no border camp that had great success, networking and leaflets distribution and interviews.

At the meeting for the school of integral cooperation that will take place July 20 at 6 at Mic., will be a preparation on the presentation text for the no border camp


  1. Presentations

Presentation of faircoop, freedom coop in All.  will become at 26 July on 7.00 and is repeated in September.

Poster f / b event and text will provided.

Presentation at greenwave on September

Sunday, July 24 will be a presentation of the integrated cooperative of Catalonia and faircoop in Sk. camp


  1. Freedom Coop development in Greece and Thessaloniki

Information from E. how does freedom coop platform works

Inform refugees in the camps that they can put their money in Beta Bank

Create documents in titan pad with links, (an internal document and a public)

Create an account in Beta Bank to the exchange office

Every member has an account in Beta Bank and receipt book

Non-members will served from the exchange office

Meeting of the working group of freedom coop (Wednesday 13.30 Mic.)

The work to make the local node is:

Welcome people and inform them, help with the invoice, explanation of the operation of freedom coop platform.


  1. Call center developments


The refugee fund will pay the bill for the telephone line and the room will be locked to not use from others except refugees who work.

Select package to mobile and fixed calls without internet

Will be bought a small call center system


  1. Participation in the CSA European meeting

For CSA to be held in the Czech Republic some people will go from faircoop and a titan pad will be created


  1. Next contact to accept faircoin


Visits to collaborative enterprises to join in faircoin

Ia enye need producers to proceed


  1. – fees for the e-banking account of A.

-payments of leaflets

The leaflets will be paid by E.and will be given back in September from freedom coop account (30 euro)

e banking account have arranged








FairCoop Thessaloniki assembly 


August 31 2016 18h Mic.


  1. Call center updates

Presentation in Greenwave festival 15/9/16


  1. Car sharing project

A website is being developed right now

The pad about the project is here:

Make a call for people who have cars to participate voluntary

A fund is needed for oil and demands of the cars


  1. Faircoin exchange office. Places accepting faircoin.


  1. Faircoin 2. CVN

As a faircoop local node, we should have the responsibility to support CVN applications from the Thessaloniki and north Greece Region.

Here there is a guide to understand more

A safe computer, a safe place and a trusted person is needed for the application to work 24 hours continues

Expanses for the computer will be covered from tax of transactions


  1. Freedom Coop

As a faircoop local node, we should be able to welcome any new member of freedom coop in Thessaloniki and north Greece Region.

It will be important to learn about it.

Also in this point we should follow how the legal process for Freedom coop in Greece is going on

and what’s should come next

Translation of the official documents in Greece is needed and a person to be as representative in Greece


Presentation in fest of Direct Democracy

Presentation in Eco festival Giannena 11/9/16


Text about Faircoop Thessaloniki. For the faircoop website and site.




FairCoop Thessaloniki


As a local node of Thessaloniki, we are working to build a new economy from below, that is fair, participatory and empowering to the people, through the development of alternative economy tools that can assist the networking of existing cooperative initiatives, as well as the creation of new projects to promote self-organization, independence from the capitalist system and taking back control of our lives.


As part of the work that we do in the group of Fairlop Thessaloniki, people can participate in organizing actions, meetings, workshops and events about the use of FairCoin and all the other tools created and shared by the broad  FairCoop’s community, organized by open assemblies, at the local and global level. We can also be involved in networking with collectives and projects related to the alternative economy in all the region of northern Greece, in order to organize collective actions with a higher and more co-ordinated impact.


We also host workshops where you can come and learn how to use FairCoin, accepting them for your products or services, learn how and where to spend them, as well as using the online FairMarket, or for any issues related to the new economy of the people.


If you want to participate in Faircoop Thessaloniki:


–    Send e-mail to (to be added in the mailing list and / or group of Telegram)


For our communication we use the social network of Telegram, which you can download on:


You are invited to participate in our Telegram group, called FairCoop Thessaloniki (and other groups of FairCoop Telegram) in order to achieve better communication among all of us, discuss questions quickly and be better coordinated.


We meet in an open-face assembly every two weeks. In the alternating weeks we do exchange office service. During the exchange office hours, we invite all of you to come and learn how to install your digital FairCoin wallet, buy FairCoins and find out how you can use them to exchange products and services with other FairCoin users.



FairCoop Thessaloniki assembly 


Wednesday September 14th  2018  All TROPOS.


  1. Local updates

Updates from the School meeting

More people joined the meetings

– General assembly 27 September

–  1st projects assembly 4 October

– Contents events can be organized and published when people is ready.


Updates from the launch of the Call center and the crowd funding campaign


  1. Refugees solidarity networking

– Proposals for the website

– Alternative banking network

Build network places.


  1. Updates from the Local nodes global meeting

Assembly of local nodes:

– Freedom coop

– Cvn nodes

– Global faircoop campaign to support local nodes.


  1. Organization and economic proposal for Faircoop Thessaloniki (read the proposal below at line 34)


  1. Workers economy conference in Viome (added proposal of workshop in line 63)




Organization proposal for Faircoop Thessaloniki


The idea is to organize Faircoop Thessaloniki as a Communal cooperative. Where each one receives same reciprocity based in their contribution.


The idea is to develop the cooperativist part of the local node, in a way, that it becomes a real experience of cooperativism and sustainable activism.


Because the local development of the alternative economy needs intensive and very engaged work, at the same time that the living conditions in the current system are so difficult, it seems a need to facilitate a stable participation of some people in that tasks, offering reciprocity based in the cooperativist values.


In this way the faircoop local group becomes a living experience of the practises that we want to share to everyone, of open cooperation, with equality, community creation and commitment with an alternative economy.



How it would work


People can contribute with time, with money or resources. All the contributions are valued in Faircoin in order to have a standard way of accounting it.


All the euro, resources and faircoin liquidity is ready for being exchanged by the members of the group and being withdrawal for personal expenses. With a monthly maximum agreed by the assembly. The accounting situation change down, when they withdraw.


A minimal of time spend is required for exchanging this time by money withdraw.


In order to establish the agreement of how much can be withdraw, the assembly will notice how much availability there is, how much is being inserted every month and which are the expressed needs of the active participants.


For example, if every month, there is incomes of 750 Euros and 5000 faircoins, and at same time there is 5 people with enough participation that needs to get some income, a good maximum could be 150 euro and 1000 faircoin in a way that is something that all the 5 can get.





Connecting the workers economy and the alternative economy in Euromediterranean region


The workers economy is one of the different networks building an alternative economy, outside of capitalism and State. In Europe there is other networks who share similar goals but with different foucs, like Solidarity economy, Community supported agriculture, degrowth, social currencies, alternative banking or Integral cooperatives, amongst others.


How could all these movements contribute together for expand the anticapitalist economic ecosystem in Euromediterrany?


We could use the workshop for detect the common needs and goals of the different collectives and movements, and explore some initiatives that could help to make better networking together.






FairCoop Thessaloniki assembly 


Wednesday September 28th  2016 Mic.



  1. Call center urgent situations.

* Incomes for final of September

* N.flat problems.


We decided that 300 Euros will be given to N.  for the damages and the professional cleaning  at the refugees house from the refugee fund.( A.bill) Devices ( computers and modems) will transferred to r2r call center room as they are donated to it.

Secondly salaries for September will be paid from changing faircoins to Euros, from refugee fund. And at last rents for October will be paid delayed until we are able to change more faircoins to Euros. So we have to promote to people.


  1. Proposal of local communal cooperative for the faircoop node.

* We continue discussing and elaborating the proposal presented in the previous assembly

( )


* Also share the local nodes assembly process for a faircoop fund for local nodes.


We accepted as a local node the proposals for 15 hours of work generally or 10 hours at the local node and for new people 3 months of participation to be funded.

The work must be information and productive.

Focus on the learning of new people

Willingness, continuation of involment and skills will be welcomed

People with less than 15 hours will be funded from freedom coop

Income will be 1000 faircoins for the expenses of local node and 2000 for each person

People with skills that needed will be funded according to their work

Keep in touch with members with related project to help us

Invite members to school project to present their ideas in project assembly

Find a key person to set up a network of producers

Also local node will create a plan for all is needed


  1. Alternative economy network development

* adding new shops and people who accepts faircoin

* Work on and event at poeta…


Emailing Eclectic to visit their assembly

Make an open event with the structures of mike. with the producers of the shop

Contact people that have shown interest to join faircoin

Talk and inform people from ecofestival in Nea Elvetia

Leaflets are needed


  1. Car sharing project.

Name proposals:

Cars in common

Ride in common

Common riders

Open cars

Free cars

Moving in common

People needed to manage the project



  1. Workers economy conference updates


Will be a part of 3 presentations with translation

We will   present our alternative economy (Ch. and E)

Our logistics, freedom coop, our alternative banking and collective purchases

Common riders




Faircoop Thessaloniki Assembly


October 12

18h  2016 AllTROPOS.


(Previous minutes


  1. Next steps for networking with producers, shops, food collectives, related faircoin, freedom coop, refugees work, etc.

Establish a producer’s network.

Involve refugees to existing supported agriculture groups

Gather informations about land offered to refugees

Make an appointment with Koukouli cooperative

Visit Pilea neighborhood committee of citizens

24 of October to   meet with the structures of Mic to join faircoin


  1. Presentation of Thessaloniki proposal for the faircoop local nodes funding campaign.

First steps of the communal cooperative of Faircoop Thessaloniki


We agree as a local node with criteria that have been discussed at the global assembly

People to be funded are M.  and Cr.  For the beginning

Add more persons after the launch and after 3 months involvement

Funding of the local node can be also from other recourses as donations, devices etr


  1. Freedom Coop next steps for northern Greece.

Meet with O.  And Ch. also A. and H.  if needed

to agree on a representative

To make a presentation when we have the Greek VAT number


  1. Cars in Common App

To send the application to hack space and global tech group to try


Call center

Drupal group developers of hack space to make the web site users friendly



Assembly Faircoop Thessaloniki local node.


Sch 18h



  1. Form for Faircoop local nodes funding campaign


Campaign information is here:

We can work on it here:


  1. Workers economy festival

-Discuss about the presentation (what, how, who)

-Create stickers for the producers tables

– Create leaflets


We had a great presentation in the Workers economy festival and we did a lot of connections with different collectives and initiatives

Also we accepted faircoin in the products tables and did some transactions


  1. Daily Revolution School


To create a logo

To find an illustrator to draw the logo

To register a domain for the web site

Next event will be a presentation of the new cooperative law in Greece by O.  and presentation of freedom coop – faircoop

Br. can do a course on January about open software for refugees

To involve hack.  space and refugees to it



  1. Updates from Athens meetings with indicatives


Cr. visited a lot of initiatives in Athens and had a lot of connections

Like Salomon magazine with editors refugees and Europeans, also met with Pagaki cooperative and integral coop of Athens


  1. Discuss about having some of our meetings (perhaps once a month) at Sch. together with the producer’s market and create the calendar for November

To go to the assembly of the sch.  To have the 3nd Wednesday meeting of faircoop in the sch. social center


  1. Updates about R2R (news of the development of web, ngo’s proposal of call center)


To meet with talk for the freedom coop representative in Greece

Talks in November with the Documenta festival about the alternative economic management of the festival by faircoop


Faircoop Thessaloniki Assembly


Nov 9 Wednesday

18h  2016 AllTROPOS.


  1. Next steps for networking with producers, shops, food collectives, related faircoin, freedom coop, refugees work, etc.

– State of contacts to join the alternative economy network

–  Freedom coop steps.


Message to lawyer and accountant to arrange a meeting for the representative of freedom coop in Greece.

600 Euros to be sent to call center workers for salaries

Money from documentary project to be paid for the damage for refugee house.

To go to Sch.  assembly to arrange for once a month exchange office to the place.


  1. Conditions of the faircoop local nodes funding campaign.

– do a faircoop Thessaloniki group in fairnetwork

– First steps of the communal cooperative of Faircoop Thessaloniki


To join the fairnetwork and publish the minutes of all the assemblies

To send a message to faircoop list for cancelling the meeting on 23 of November and rearranging it on 30 of November.