Refresh Fair.Coop’s Docs Concept Ideas for proposal to FairCoop Global Communication

Hello to all,

Besides the political and deep values of that I’ve read during this months, I’ve been also analyzing the communication process from a in-side , and out-side point of view.

But trying, to see it mostly from the outside point.

For us, the ones that are already involved in, it’s more easy to have the picture of it all, and sometimes it’s even difficult to imagine that it’s not easy for other’s to understand what is really the ecosystem and vision.

For those who are getting here for the first time it’s not easy .

I’ve talked with people here in Porto that are working in the cooperative area, ngo’s, older people that have nothing to do with this, young people that are interested in the transition and resilient subjects, and besides being interested on the issue and values of, they all say that it’s complicated to understand.It’s not easy for them to have a full picture and how exactly it will work and how it will be in the future, and that the information about it his a little bit complicated .

And so far i’ve concluded that : his a complicated process to understand for most of the people, but it’s not only about the complexity of some content – criptocurrencies and the organization model – that his difficult in a way to explain, and to understand.

So it’s not only, or really about the content , but the mostly, the problem remains , on the way we communicate with it.

Why his so difficult for people to understand ?

1. Because it’s a complex matrix of involved projects, that are all interconnected.

2. Because they don’t have something, yet, to materialize ( will help on that).

3. Because the main information his to dense , the texts are too long to explain, how and what it his.

4. Because visually it’s not organized, it has several visual identities, all of they are quite different, it doesn’t have a consistent, solid visual and graphic communication .

For instance, if you check all this links, they all have different visual identities, different User Interfaces.






And all that in the future will come, like the next, how will they be ?

Proposal to solve this :

Textually :

1. Simplify the main texts

2. Extensive explanations should be in the FAQ

3. Create a and faircoin manual/book/guide in pdf.

4. There should also exist something similar to a guide style for writers and translators.

5. Set definitions on global concepts, for a proper usability and efficient translations.

Visually :

1. Redesign it all, and make a unified point of communication from, too all the others.

2. Set the focus on the word FAIR, its the central, and common point of all, visually/graphically the word fair must always be equal on all the involved projects.

3. Create a more contemporaneity visual look, more into the main values of, and more simple to reproduce in several environments, online and offline (printed).

4. Use a proper internal image bank, and/or ilustrations.


Creating a unified language of comunication :

1. Will simplify the process of understanding the main concepts, and give relevant and proper information to the ones that need or want do get deeper into the ecoystem.

2. Will simplify the process of participation, and inclusion, because the previous point has already been archived.

3. Will simplify the collaboration and participation if there his already a roadmap, and efficient graphical/textual materials so that for exemple local nodes can prepare better their start-up activities.

4. Will give the proper tools for an efficient and decentralized flow of future translations , and graphical applications all over the world.

I could work on it, but for that I will need two full week’s just to be focus on this, and I need access to all the things that are done until now ( most of them I have already ) and all the materials that are and will be needed in a recent future.

Who can bealso working on this roadmap ?

Here his a list of what could/should be worked on.



A. Logo

A.1. B&W

A.2. Two Color Maximum

A.3. Horizontal and Vertical

A.5. With claim/slogan ad Without

B. Fonts

B.1. Logo Font

B.2. Header Fonts

B.3. Menu Fonts

B.4. Text Fonts

B.5. Heading Text Fonts

C. Pictograms

C.1. FairNetwork – to all th listed groups

C.1.1. Group Icons

C.1.2. Comunities Icons

C.1.3. Bulletins

C.1.4. FAQ

D. Website ( UI, UX)

D.1. Use the intro of the wordpress template (ill send a exame later)

D.2. Simplify the text the contents giving always the user a link to get deeper into the content, like a plus sign , that slides and the user cans read the rest.

D.3. Redefine the colors used in acordance to the logo color pallete

E. Video Comunication

E.1. Use the logo of Fair.Coop in the videos

E.2.Create a common signature for videos

E.3. Humanize the videos, we need to create videos with people, common people, real world, we should try to develop that in the actual local nodes, with our communities. Vox-Pop, mini-docs, etc.

F. Naming

F.1. Create a common language, and define it has a style guide, for concepts, and for words.

F2. Ex: In the fair ecosystem naming, the projects must have always written the first letter of the word in Caps, and with no space betwwen, like FairCoop, FairCoin, FairMarket.

F3. Ex: For a better glogal connection between all this naming , the names shouldn’t be translated.


2. FairCoin

3. FairMarket

4. FairCredit

5. FairSaving

6. FairFounding

7. FairTrade

B. Communication systems


2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. Presskit

C. Support websites




D. Apps

1. FairWallet

2. FairTtool

E. Local nodes (base documents for easy development of local nodes)

1. Presentation

2. Poster

3. Flyers

4. Howto/Guide

F. Comunication and instruccional Materials ecosystem
( video animation with a maximum 2 minutes ):

1. What his

2. How his it organized

3. What his faircoin

4. How does faircoin works

5. How to use fairwallet

6. What his fairMarket

G. Conceptual videos based on the Why webpage of

1. Economy

2. Political