FairCoop 6th meeting

29 of October 2014



Place: earth

1. What to do to explain FairCOop better and built trust
2.Presentation of the active councils. Define tasks and short-term objectives
3. Extension material. What is done and what is needed to do?
4. IRC meetings and Order of the day.



1.What to do to explain FairCoop better and build trust

–> Making actions
–> Create a FAQ
–> Spread the video
–> Transparency in funds movements through the blockchain and more visual things. Transparency in the projects as well.

We propose to create a quarterly report to show accounts and thereby increase transparency in what the 2017.fair.coop is doing, e.g. https://www.lamarea.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/cuentas.jpg


a)build trust by local nodes in the regions where there are already projects sharing the FairCoop principles etc (like Catalunya, CIC..), by taking actions, being transparent, quarterly report linked to the chain…
b) build trust in regions where there are still no projects… by showing the other projects and actions that are already working
c) Create a Quarterly report like https://www.lamarea.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/cuentas.jpg
Economical managment commission will create a Quarterly report

d) Node support group needs to work on the HOW to create local nodes and how to build trust.

ALSO – trust improves greatly with community-building, and that is important in order for small groups to find each other in order to DO particular tasks. Since we mostly meet online this is difficult but doable: we have to be creative.
People NEED to know others as ‘personally’ as possible, so anything that improves people getting to know each other, being able to speak live one on one, just a simple list of profiles with pictures is a HUGE help (I still have no idea who is talking on these meetings! They are practically anonymous.. not good for trust).

Define which types of Cooperatives FairCoop is well suited. Most of the material I’ve seen thus far is for tech saavy people. Would FairCoop be appropriate for a knitting group which isn’t at all focuse on computer technology? What about farming cooperatives? What can FairCoop do for them?

How are we similar to other cooperative federations like the International Co-operative Alliance? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Co-operative_Alliance How are we different?

2.Presentation of the active councils. Define tasks and short-term objectives

Decision-making software for the councils – loomio (good but no WordPress integration), DemocracyOS (will be good but early stage of development).
Current loomio discussions could be integrated by RSS feeds to show what is being discussed.
Appgree is another option: https://www.appgree.com/en/ (used by Podemos)
Reddit is also used by Podemos – there is a WP integration plugin as well: https://codecanyon.net/item/wpeddit-reddit-for-wordpress/4053648
This allows reddit votes to show on WP (I think).https://codecanyon.net/item/wpeddit-reddit-for-wordpress/4053648

Before choosing a piece of software, we should define our requirements. What does it need to do? What would be the things which are nice to have, but not critical?

See this threas, is a full integral softawre proposal that could integrate wordpress and loomio

3. Extension material. What is done and what is needed to do?

How can we connect with like-minded cooperatives and collectives e.g. https://cirandas.net ?
Regional extension committees?
Credible spokespeople from each bioregion to help outreach of the project.
Monthly video update from different regions where 2017.fair.coop has nodes.
Facebook group (as opposed to page) – with intention of directing people to 2017.fair.coop network.
who will create this? Am happy to but don’t want to duplicate work …
Some sort of map of fairnetwork – at the moment it’s too confusing.
General forum for off-topic things to get to know people.
No need for each group to have a forum, too confusing.
Regional forums first if site becomes very busy.
Organise social network to make it easier to understand for newcomers. If possible, re-do the ‘forest’ diagram to make it easier to understand. Some confusion between ‘council’ and ‘commission’.


4. IRC meetings and Order of the day.

There is a proposition to use UTC instead of GMT and attach the https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/

We keep 19h until we are more ppl to change it.

We visualize more the meeting agenda doc, so everyone can update it and add points for next meeting.

5. FAQ how is it going?

For now we have:



add something about faircoin to faq (how to buy, how to use, etc)?

1. We create a subgroup of Extension comission that will work on a Tutorial/course for Faircoop newbies
2. we can use all the material already created elsewhere and first completed and then add it in this course