Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Four FairCoop council meeting

Fourth Faircoop Ecosystemic Council Meeting

when 20h GMT/UTC  21h CET


– Enric, Stacco, Lirca, Guy,


1. aprovation of the third meeting public notes

everyone agreed

2. wezer & faircoop partnesrhsip. Fairmarket developement
We are waiting for the updates from wezer related wordpress integration (special logins and roles…)
the price of 1350 is for this:
  • set-up : 0,5 day per module = 0.5 day
  • admin training : 0,5 day per module = 0.5 day
  • champion training : 0,5 day per module = 0.5 day
  • Implementation journey (=coaching) : 2,5 day per module, then 0,5 day follow up at 6 months. (N/A here)
Total = 1350 € (1.5 day x 900€)
Price for 1,5 days of implementation, including all work needed to be done before, for weeks, and also, this comes after two years of voluntary work to make it possible. Its free software and if you get people for build more modules we can work together
Conclusion: Good Feedback for WeZer before the news related the wordpress integration
Related FairMarket we will create a new group in the Fairnetwork and open discussin and technical proposals there
3. Spends december forecast
Needs to be balanced the budget for WeZer between december and january.
We need to have a prevision of how to fund spends from february
– pooled faircoin fund
– fairmarket incomes.
Budget for December was unanimously approved.
4. Faircoin general situation
Faircoins have been recovered from Mintpal 
In Mintpal was a lost of 6.6 milion coins, coming from the times before Fair.Coop begun, that the dev team has working to recover with a new recovery technology and with blockchain analysis, but before we need more collaboration in the research of the blockchain.
There around 4.7 milions unclaimed from Mintpal users.
After all the research, its a proposal being developed by the faircoin dev team that the coins not yet claimed should  be redistributed if not claimed within a certain period of time.
It’s better (safer) to keep faircoin in wallets, not exchanges, or in fairsaving if you dont know what to do with a wallet.
We need a step-by-step guide on how to set up a wallet and put faircoins into it (by the tame of the approval this guide has been done >  /docs/faircoin-wallet-tutorial/
The market cap of faircoin has gone from 25.000 -> 400.000 – this should help to build trust it the value of the coin.