Translation Comission’s Docs How to cooperate with translations

We think translation it is a very important task, and its not just changing words into another language. If we want to explain and extend faircoop, communication needs to be clear. Understand the message and then explain it with your words. Therefore we really recommend that you take your time first to read about it, understand it and ask if something is not clear.

FairCoop website translation:

Our website is already available in 9 language!


If you still cannot find yours and wish to  contribute to FairCoop by transating the website you are very welcome! Just make a request in the translation commission and we can guide you. Furthermore we are planing to adapt and improve the content of the website soon and therefore translators of every languge will needed again

Short-term post translations:

Sometimes we will have posts/news that we want to publish in the website prety fast. The translation request for that will be made in the Translation Commission of the FairNetwork.
All translations will be added and adapted collectively on a titanpad, which makes the process more rapid and clear. The corresponding link will be published in the group as well.