Local Nodes’s Docs Local nodes Assembly. October 31st 2016

Local nodes Assembly
October 31st, Monday at 19.00 CET

Enric |Ale|Maria|Chris|Michalis|Maro|Christina

Order of the day

1 Check the applications of local nodes and discuss/accept them
– Thessaloniki https://titanpad.com/FundingLocalNodesFormThessaloniki
– Jura https://titanpad.com/FundingLocalNodesFormJura
– Catalunya https://titanpad.com/fundinglocalnodesformcatalunya

Thessaloniki was approved for two person, so it means 5000FAIR
Jura was approved for two person, so it means 5000FAIR
Catalunya was approved for two person, so it means 5000FAIR

We also agree to add in the form a space where to put the link to the minutes of the assemblies of this nodes to make it transparent.

2. What about the other local nodes. Why they didnt applied, who are planning to do next months?

In this point Madrid node particpate saying is trying to conform the team and to make the first assembly to have the node ready, she thinks she need more time and organization and one dificulty for her is that she is creating links with people and projects and takes time, and also that is in contact with people in the city and also in the outside so hope that soon can have the node ready.

In Heraklion Michalis say that is a question of organization and involvement because a lack of time. The latest new, is that we teamed up with some guys from the local currency exchange and agreed to have physical meetings all together twice a month. We already had 2 in October and plan to expand as a “solidarity economy” team during the coming months.

Lets see about the other local nodes (bilbo, galiza, athens, porto, rojava…)

3. Broader communication of the local nodes campaign.

The communication team are finishing the post to publish on the FairCoop site. the post will be a good oportunity for sharing and inviting people to create local nodes.

Also this wedensday the public TV broadcaster (ERT3 that used to be self-managed for 2 years) will show a documentary about the call center and the local node of thessaloniki ?? languages are both in english and in greek but we will try to add english subtitles to the greek part. so then people can share to exhange our experiences. They are going to subtitle the doc and we’ll writte a post showing the great job they are doing!

Last we agree on use the telegram group not only for assemblies but to share waht happen in the rest of the nodes (like share their minutes of the assemblies. as well as experiencies, dificulties and all related to local node as a way to have support and knowledge)
Next assembly to discuss if there is another local node joining, november 28.

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