Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 6th FairCoop Open Assembly

Sixth FairCoop Assembly.
Time: Thursday February 18th  
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)
place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group
Chaos mose
Michalis, Zoe (Heraklion)
Santi y Alex
Damian (depb92)
1. Summary of Communication campaigns (Refugees fund twitter storm, local node guide, Launch of Fairmarket)
Refugees Fund
We ask for help to all for the twitter storm next feb 24th, the info is shared in the pad:
We need to reach the goal of the thunderclap campaign to make bigger the storm
Also they are translating the coopfunding campaign into greek.
Local nodes fund
We have created a doc in different languages with this criteria
We can make a post to make the local nodes involved and begin to experiment, start implementing it and then fix it according to practice.
So the nodes that wants to implement it should communicate with local nodes group and make a proposal in practical bases for their usercase
We’ll make a post to announce it.
2. Refugees fund. How to manage the funds
how to manage the funds, not talking about how to spend it, which is still early and will be talked in the refugees fund group.
About how to transfer the faircoins that are linked to the euros that are arriving. At the moment we have received around 1250 euros and the rest (1000 value in faircoin).that should be about 44000 faircoins, but at the moment the faircoin adress, have less that 20000. So, the proposal that could have consensus could be to  get faircoins from the faircooop pooled fund and let it to the refugee fund, Then we cover the two goals. We are building the refugees faircoin fund and at the same time we are keeping the euros.
E say There were two initial proposals in the thread, because I detected the feeling of keeping all the euros then I keep only one proposal.
Christine says she thinks that before we convert the funds from euros to faircoin, we have to make sure that we will be able to then use them and satisfy the real needs of buying computers or any other tools they need and Michalis says We should be a bit versatile on that issue I think and keep an amount in euros for the project’s needs. 
There is a little confusion because the proposal is not affected the euros but the Faircoins to reach the 44.000 faircoin E talked before and some technical issues, related to when we will distribute the funds this 100% will be visible in the blockchain, the euros, are keeped as a RESERVE and are not used directly for the distribution of funds, are there for the exchange needs by the projects that will be funded in faircoin with the refugees fund. Now is more clear for all 😉
So, the proposal in fact  is to agree make faircoin loans from pooled fund to refugees fund, for cover their needs, keeping the euros.
So, we are going to notice pooled fund transfer to refugee fund, and explain that in the fairnetwork and then could do, a new transfer every week to have the amount updated on the faircoin adress
3.   Fairmarket  prebeta launch statement
that is next statatement for invite people to come again to   and test and create shops before beta launch on march 6
Requires translation and posting on the website. At the same time we can launch it and write a mailout containing the article text and a link, and send it to fairnetwork users, fairmarket alpha users, and use.faircoin users. is the current forum address. We will try to do this so that it happens during Friday(tomorrow).
4. NFC Payment Cards
Feasibility study.
This is an ongoing development with Valencian company Area Activa and we are looking for a developer or someone with experience of NFC payments. 
5. Freedom Coop Status
There is no updates from now about this issue, is pending to constitute it.
6.  Survey about the desires we have about FairCoop to statistically evaluate the horizon and possibilities of the Faircoin.
7. Informative point about new tech group to collaborate on systems and technical work.. With the technical people involved in faircoop I feel it’s important to have a telegram group so we can finally have a shared “coopcloud” and everyone in touch. So we will be creating a new group for this and I hope soon we can get some agreements from it.
6. Faircoin 2.0 Status  
Possible use of FC2 blockchain for new payments system  (finally we decided that is better to talk about that after a major white paper and roadmap, not today)
8. Fair.Coop in Nada Festival (Fundo proposal)
The caracter in the picture of the festival is the last President of Portugal ;);) 
I’ve proposed a talk in this event about comunity and economic tools – the title of the talk is COMMUNITY AND MONEY FROM NOTHING (nothing is nada in Portuguese)
The talk will be on Saturday 27, from 11H to 13H in
Im going to make the talk with a friend from Brazil , she made a documentary about the Palmas – Comunitary Bank .
She is going to talk about Palmeiras Comunity and Banco Palmas, and i will talk about and the actual tools and goals for the future,.
In the end of the talk we are going to make a open space activity with the participants about the value that we attribute to money in a direct critical point of view about creating money from nothing and the impact in society .
As the last experiences in introducing here in Porto and Lisbon were not successful i hope this one will help to really create more awareness and maybe bring people to implement a local node finally, also because the people that we’ve interested are not around in Porto. Lets see.
Faircoin APIs

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