Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 13th FairCoop Open Assembly

Thirteenth FairCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday September 15th 2016
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group

Jon | Tereseta | Valentina | Maro |Thomas | Roland |Enric | Guy | Chris | Ale |Bob | Bumbum

Order of the day

1. Faircoin 2.
– Call for nodes Launched the form at:
Just now there are 5 CVN forms and 15 are needed before we begin until the deadline of september 25th  for CVN to be added before launch . We are going to begin to use OCP for the acceptation process, and if anyone is from a node that wants to collaborate in that, the welcome process will take place at the local level. Also, we are going to try collective purchase of rabsperry Pi for making it easier for more people to join. We need to finish the process to choose one version and look for contact with a provider, Thomas solved the problem about schnoor signatures, we can be open to many nodes joining without limits.

– Call for admins (decision about call and process)
*we need to select 7 people for being the first (But if we don’t find 7 we go with the 3 out of 5 rule) admins to sign the blockchain configuration changes. We agreed, in the july assembly, to make first a internal consultation to know who wants to be signer, and then open in the fairnetwork and discussion part of faircoop faircoin ecosystem I think that after we have people interested, we should do a monografic assembly for take the decision before the launch. We can use the group of CVN for presenting proposals after the assembly and add a list of volunteers in the page of the call also the deadline september 25th then we could do a monografic assembly after.

What about 29 of september ? in two weeks, we could decide about admins, and also if there is any issues related CVN before launch.

Was agreed to do a specific faircoin 2 assembly in 29 of september with some decisions to be taken like
– group of admins
– CVNs if needed
– faircoin 2 logo
Also was decided to open a thread in fairnetwork for the call for admins and other for the logo of faircoin 2


*No linux knowledge is required. Only a standard core wallet is needed Could be Mac or even Windows. Also the node does not need to run all the time. so it will be a task that will happen in the official wallet ?

Updates about Faircoin2
Thomas spent the last week implementing the FairCoin Signature Token with the Schnorr signature algorithm and already implemented the secure signature storage and user pin authentication.Will release the full source code in the next few days. This innovation will cause a shift of about 2-3 weeks for the launch of FairCoin2 around 10-20 of october
We can count to decide an official day to launch on the 29 of september when the assembly specific about faircoin 2. to decide about the admins and so on…anyway we also will need this first week of october to prepare the sending of the mailboxes to the CVN
– What to do with lost coins in faircoin 1.
There is a petition to support persons who lost their coins for losing wallet or losing password…
in the spanish group this topic was discussed and some persons was favorable to look for a solution, the one with more consensus was to use funds of the recovery fund, for not affecting the blockchain characteristics.
We have to decide the criteria for this cases:
Trust needed, backed by some people of the community
Proof of loss
Define a limit of Faircoin to return because the availability is limited
Contribute in the future in accordance to the amount they received.
We’ll work on it and present in the next assembly

We can create a telegram group for wallet lost problems that includes recoverys asks.. but also perhaps some technical questions. Because some times, wallet can be recovered with tecnical knowledge. Pending to decide the name of the group
2. Old bounties to clear. Finish the process.


In spring of 2015 we began a bounty process, and in order to not leave things unfinished we should dedicate some time to finish the distribution process and set the ones that have not been done, as not done.

a) bounties done by a unique person
– fairnetwork map (bumbum)
Map is done

– fairmarket payment processor (santi)
Is also done and running

We Agree to pay it.

b) bounties done by more than one person (we need to decide how to distribute)
– fairmarket multishop (Iuri + Santi)

– fairmarket multiterritorial (Sheila&Veronica + Santi)

We agree to pay it but as there is many people involved Maybe they can decide how to distribute between them the bounty or how to resolve it, because the people who begin and who finish dont know each other

Could contact them to know wich part of the task they did and to know what they think about

c) bounties to discuss if has been done (if you have a proposal can add it)

d) projects still in development
– collective purchases

– website

– Create a cohesive visual identity for faircoop ecosystem
About the bounty of visual identity Tereseta is not here but want to say about the bounty related to the cohesive visual identity that she’s asking if this bounty is needed because of the complex of the task itself and people involved and if so, she question how to distribute, and also to say that maybe this bounty must be more high, also she wants to say that this is an important issue that is on the way not only because of the visual identity that need to be a process in wich all involved can have more cooperation beetwen them or to find how to do it by one or by a team, more organice between them and with a deadline, but also as a long term task, in this sense may be better to have a fund for designers that can be pay for each design or for a task done

Related to these last bounties the suggestion is not to close it and add for the next assembly the proposal of a new fund for designers

Also we need a deadline for this ones that are still open to help us to know how many funds we count for other things. Collective purchases and should be ready in the next month and about visual identity they can talk in the group and present a proposal in the next assembly to set a deadline for the pending bounties here, let’s say end of 2016. If not done, they have to be re-applied. So then we finish with the first batch and can discuss again if a second batch of bounties using ocp could be worth to do

3. Developement of card system and updates about alternative banking system

look also this informative thread
This is informative point mainly about developments that some i am coordinating and some come from freedomcoop decisions to open alternative banking services..The priority about create card system for facilitate exchange at local level already was decided one year ago but now is in advance stage of development, because i got some funds for that (selling some of my faircoins ?? ) chip chap is integrating the nfc card system with their POS and wallet structures which will provide us, a full physical banking system… very fast also will be useful for payments with smartphone so the two ways of payments will be integrated in same app.
In the document of alternative banking you can also see some ideas about how to use the technology in combination of trusted network of participants, to provide also cashout facilities…With all that technology only the pending poing will be to have euro liquidity for fast cashout needs but the possibilities of the technologies, will facilitate to get investors.. Right now three ethical banks are already looking into collaborate with faircoop ecosystem putting together two technologies that they know, nfc and cryptocurrency. Now cashouts will not need forms in use.fair-coin but just automatized systems shops also can become a place to buy faircoin with the card and app

NFC enabled payments:

This will transform also the local nodes exchange offices (that has not worked a lot), and they would become more coordinators of a network of points of sale it will be needed a lot of work at local level, but this time offering real amazing possibilities thats a reason for in october assembly we will present a proposal for funding the local nodes work

4. Faircoop economic management + freedom coop updates

payments faircoop up to date except last months of development faircoin 2 (thomas)

There is some movements from Freedom Coop (shares and some invoices) payments of salaries are up to date except the part of thomas, that we already talked with him and we need more funding coming for faircoin 2 last months.
The distribution of freedom coop incomes to local nodes, should be discussed in next assemblies

5. Email addresses and owncloud
Freedomcoop invoice administrators need a file repository. one option is
In order to provide accounts, best is if people sign up at and get a free e-mail address. they could be put automatically or manually in groups then.
Suggested domain is

we already have access to this as set up by roland for one freedomcoop administrator account. Another question would be how to open this service up to people outside the economic groups which are currently 30 people on the main list and maybe 10 who would handle invoices and documents regularly.

We need it nw for around 6 people for invoicing and economic group needs when accounters from different countries, join it will growth We could create a self-registration: all who ask for a e-mail address get acis and group members assigned manually for sensitive folders.cess to a default folder structure. Freedomcoop folders may be outside of it
This was very low and a temporary thing untilwe have an electronic invoicing system. Also I believe we should have a place to store important freedomcoop documents. also is needed for designers

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