Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 14th FairCoop Open Assembly

Fourteenth FairCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday October 20th 2016
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group

Enric | Tereseta | Maro | Christian | Roland | Michalis | Thomas |Bumbum | Pilikum | Chris | Maria | Valentina

Order of the day

1. Proposal of funding campaign for the local nodes.
This is a proposal that has been in preparation for more than one month in the local nodes assembly.
Plan is to begin a 6 month campaign, from november. Where active local nodes can be funded monthly with faircoin based in a specific criterias that has been developed.

You can read the detail of the proposal here:

The funds proposed to be reserved for this campaign is 600000 faircoins.
Take in account the update of the numbers: /es/groups/faircoop-community/economic-management/forum/topic/current-stats-of-the-faircoin-funds-belonging-to-the-faircoop-ecosystem/

Notes on assembly
this proposal of campaign for funding the local nodes, has been developed in the last three local nodes assemblies, since one month and half ago. The plan is to activate the use of faircoin holdings for supporting the development of the local nodes. Specially focusing in support the creation of selfemployment positions in the local nodes.
The local nodes assembly proposed to manage the acceptance of the forms, through the local nodes assembly itself, and to make a first campaign for the next 6 months. And then review how it’s going. So, 6 first months will be between november and april; would be created a form for the local nodes that cover the criteria that have been developed with detail: .

Only local nodes with two months since creation. with people commiting to 15 hours per week, and with three months in faircoop, are elegible. If local nodes are not elegible today, they can fill the form when are elegible, the same local node only would be funded by this program for 6 months.

The contribution would depend of how many people have the criteria. So, 1 person 3000 faircoin. 2 person 5000 faircoin, 3 person 7000 faircoin, 4 person, 9000 faircoin and 5 person 11000 faircoin (in all of the cases there is 1000 FAIR for local expenses) per month. If there is any issue local nodes assembly would discuss about it. The local node, follow their members. The local nodes assembly follow local nodes, not individuals. Local Nodes Assembly should be autonomous and ask for feedback of the different nodes. We can agree, to get feedback from the local nodes assembly in the general assembly every x time. For example every 2* months.

Let’s try to prepare the ocp to manage a local node tasks, so we can reuse patterns, etc. Then we can agree the next one, in the december assembly, and then see about the following one.

In order to be able to combine this campaign with other possible faircoop priorities that might need funds in the future, the local nodes assembly also proposes to reserve 600,000 faircoins for the project, of the 1.47 Milion that is available. The future would depend on the faircoin available. The proposal is to reserve 600k, and in future check if it’s possible to continue and with which funds; the plan is to review how it’s going after 6 months and then decide about continuation.

So we agree the campaign proposed for the local nodes assembly. Reserving 600k faircoin. Beginning in november. With a first feedback in the global assembly of december.

2. Faircoin 2 logo process.
2a Ready for decision?
Follow the process here /groups/faircoop-community/faircoin/faircoin2/forum/topic/logo-for-faircoin-2/
2b Alternatively decide to start a redesign process with deadline and resources.

Notes from the Assembly
We have several proposals for redesigns of the faircoin logo. Bumbum’s are currently in use. In the design & communications group we had discussed the decision process. Bumbum’s is only currently in use internally. The official currently in use is the gold hands one. So, we need faircoin logo for the leaflets, and for the new wallets. And should agree which one to put in these places. That as is possible that we launch faircoin 2 on the next month, we should have an agreement for this moments. The process should start now and be completely decoupled from the FairCoin2 launch! logo to use on the launch will be the new one. About the faircoin 2 logos, mainly there are two options. the F and the hands with Faircoin.

2a. use bumbum’s logo set for now and help to apply it to all media
Point 2a accepted by consensus
2b. we intensify the visual identity process, with special consideration of the work done and the previous consensus for the logo. And set a deadline for presentation and decsion in the January 2017 GA.

Point 2b has been rephrased after discussions to: We intensify the visual identity process, with special consideration of the work done and the previous consensus for the logo. And set a deadline for presentation and decision in the January 2017 GA.
Rephrased point 2b accepted by consensus

3. Creation of a “WELCOME TEAM” for newcomers.
We are still discussing and debating how-to-do it into the pad: any feedback will be more than welcome.
The finalised document will be inserted here (with a final good english translation) to be debated during the assembly.

Notes from the assembly
The proposal for any person that joins our group online (so all the “online”) people will be adopted by someone from a team that I called just for the moment “welcome team”. This welcome team will provide support to the new comer to make sure s/he understands our principles and can understand well how to use our tools and services like for example faircoins, freedomcoop but also telegram, pads, etc.. .this team should push the newcomer to the people/team/project that best fits the competencies and skills and interests of the newcomer. Can be located in a telegram group like a support chat and with a forum too. The technical way could be shared and agreed.

if they come from fairnetwork, form or email, then the group asks them if they want to join telegram where it will be more easy to guide them for the following steps. The target is to help new people to use shared tools. We should also provide an IRC interface to people that refuse to use telegram. It is really easy to use here: gateways can be a useful tool for some cases. for example in faircoop technical there was a guy using a bot for communicate from irc to telegram group, we could analyze when people is alone in a place and not feel that they can build a local node. To make them feel useful in a more simple role.

Welcome team should be made up of volunteers but people that stay with us for some months and know the full project or minimum people that can help. anyway for now we should discuss more the role of the group. the tools will come…and we need to find mentors before.

So, the welcome group will have a group in telegram and fairnetwork. In fairnetwork in fact already there is one that can be used and also personal mails.

Ale offered as member and Maro, and Chris.

To organise is better to talk about it in the welcome group

4. Organization of the First FairCoop Gathering.
As FairCoop have two years and a lot of participation is time to meet, work and live together some days and make strong relations between us. Proposed date spring 2017

There will be around 100 people so we need to see about logistics
We can go to Milan, Macao, as are close to the most of us and because is well connected by bus and train so we can create a pad to work on it with time related with focus, communication, strategies, funding and debate in the main group… and when some of the next developments will be launched and we have a strong project. But let’s work meanwhile to create better faircoop conditions for this step..
The place where the gathering will be must have a local node so the Italian people will talk about it to see if it will be possible to have the local node, we can also create events for producers of the area to be involved.

We Agree to discuss more seriously in two months before the proposal can be developed in a pad, so the discussion will be with some work done
5. Special offer for holiday season: is there anything, we could offer for X-mas or New Year, which people would buy with FairCoin? Suggestion discuss on that on fairmarket lab

Roland propose an example in Allmenda that offered coupons of Vtaler (a local currency), so that people can buy x-mas presents as a way for not using official money in a physical event. But if there is no other preference, faircoin combining online wallets and plastic cards would be used.

This is the best time to intoduce this system to new people. But they would need offers: Orange boxes with olive oil, etc. The market itself is not yet very attractive. So they want products from fairmarket to be bought locally in your city to do this in some cities for a limited period of time. If not for this year maybe for next. For this time we could have some options to work with the collective purchases module or it should be a region or a local node who work with coop producers, to offer in the market. Consumer groups in Catalonia or Crete could be candidates for example.

At fairkom, they participate in a x-mas event on Dec 18th. and expect some hundred people to come. They could buy oranges with faircoin paper wallets. or They could use plastic cards; at that time it will be ready.

It needs the effort from at least two regions, one with producers other events or consumer groups – for example if Ale said that Catalonia could organize, this should be confirmed in few weeks Also perhaps more than one could contribute with products… perhaps could be coordinated but this needs active dynamization, asking the groups what they can provide so there must be people willing to work on it.

Ale offers and could use fairmarket labs – yes I can help for catalunya at least.
we can continue talking about that after the assembly, in fairmarket labs, which is for organizing fairmarket trade projects.

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