Freedom Coop’s Docs Minutes of the 14th FreedomCoop Assembly.

14th FreedomCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday January 26th 2017
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group. By mail ( ) or in other telegram group

Lynn | Bob | Paco | Michalis | Enric | Maro| Valentina | JD N | Chris | Fundo

Order of the day
1. Freedomcoop 2016 fees accountancy
Total incomes in 2016 (last quarter + august and september): 2781 euros (55620 faircoin)
Incomes for membership contributions: 1500 eur (30000 faircoins)
incomes for quarter fees for selfemployed: 1065 eur (21300 faircoins)
incomes for invoices of other members: 216 eur (4320 faircoins)

Notes on assembly
The data does not contain expenses as are not finished to account.
following the criteria of 60% 40% that expenses that already happened, should be part of that 40% of global faircoop, and now what is pending is the distribution to local nodes of the 60%
Now we have the data of the three sources of incomes which are active in freeedomcoop.: (Above)
The part of new members belongs to a total of 42 members who paid the membership fee in 2016.
Two members will contribute with the quarter fees for selfemployed and 3 other members with specific invoices where they paid at 8%.

Right now, there is coming new activity of many members who still didnt invoiced or received payment in 2016 but this will still not being accounted here.
If all this info is in OCP, we should be able to create a report, the part of new members is in this link:
Meanwhile the part of invoicing still is not integrated in ocp. Is part of the pending things, as there is work to do on ocp about this automatizations-reporting-transparency…. i guess this is a thing to follow on admin…There is already the issue about the invoices number.. i guess having that done would be the next step. Many issues have raised and much work needed to be done… so a dedicated team of devs would be 1st priority. A minimum of two people is needed will talk about on point 4.
A proposal to create a team that work on it and share the salary between them even, also who could help as part of the team without counting with income, still, then? That should be mentioned in the call that we publish. As long as the team has one manager responsible they can then decide if and how to split the income. or we just look for a coordinator, who would be part time payed

Also at least one of the team should be full ready for making a legal presentation of accounting of 2016 for liechtenstein administration

2. Criteria for distribution to local nodes: which nodes are accounted as involved in freedomcoop?

60% is 1668 euros (33372 faircoins) to be distributed to local nodes

List of active nodes are here: /docs/local-nodes-list/
some of them was not in the 4 quarter:

Notes on assembly
So as a first experience we need to distribute that 33372 faircoins to the local nodes. which means the 60% of the incomes. There is 1/3 that is local nodes based in incomes by countries, 1/3 to any local node active, and 1/3 to local nodes active in freedomcoop. Active on freedomcoop needs to be clarified… as until now, really the management is done by global team, still some people is at same time in local node so we debate about how to define it but about the last quarter of the past year.
Again we trust the local nodes opinion but can clarify a set of activities that should guide a local node to judge its particiaption and we can share in the faircoop local nodes group and add answers of each node in a pad..
We have a Local Nodes assembly on Monday, so that can be part of the agenda there… and all local nodes have their answers ready.
The question can be:
– Does your local node feel that it has been actively supporting the activities and helping to advance the objectives of FreedomCoop during the last quarter of 2016? we should add examples like the ones provided by Michalis? ” Informing people, promoting FreedomCoop activities, participating as volunteers on admins/devs, be part of a member project, ?
– Please specify the different things that you did regarding FreedomCoop? Would you need any kind of support or help in doing that?
We could add some more questions if you want in order to have a better view and feedback perhaps.
We can provide additional guidance with the examples. We can make a separate process, that can be useful for improve on the coming quarters. We could share the pad tonight and have the answers by Monday then.

Check this pad for submission in the local nodes group:

3. Updates related freedomcoop economic management tasks.
Mario stop doing that tasks. Enric is managing it provisionally until we get someone

Tasks includes
– invoices
– betabank accounts coordinations
– accounting

Notes on assembly
To provide a good service this tasks should be rewarded, but at same time, because still the work is not so much (the activity itself not generate enough for a full income) perhaps the next profile should be someone who can solve also things at legal accounting level, or other more technical issues. Previous months tasks of mario was rewarded, only 2 of the 5 months.. he was involved…

Right now we are at 50% of the way to sustain an income of 600 eur / monthly
if someone is interested in taken this responsability Otherwise, just to let know the assembly about the situation, and perhaps we can give us until next assembly to get a solution…
There could be a call to this whole group (91 persons), specifying the type of work needed and see what comes out. We can open the position and have conversations with the people interested.
4. Who is currently working as an admin for Freedom Coop? (Besides normal admin tasks, this relates to who is currently part of the team to help with OCP development from the user and requirements perspective.)

Notes on assembly
There is no answer to this. There was discussion of needing funds for developers and admin requirements team. There was also discussion of needing a coordinator for the admin requirements group as well as the dev group, and Valentina said she can do both. But there is apparently nobody to coordinate on the admin side, so….




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