Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 16th FairCoop Open Assembly

Sixteenth FairCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday December 15th 2016
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group. How contact?

Enric | Michalis | Julia | Maria | Guy | Chris | Maro | Romain | Joaquim | Tereseta | Bumbum | Daniel | Juanse | Zoi

Order of the day
1. Fairpay campaign.
– Process of sending the cards. How to print, how to insert cards, etc
– By the new year, To encourage people to buy fairpay cards with a precharged amount of Faircoin that we can send to the home of the people or by the local nodes to encourage its use
We should look at the costs of sending and printing the cards in order to put a minimal amount for charging it. For example a minimal amount that could be secure enough perhaps
would be 20 eur. This could be done as a collective order in fairmarket

Notes on assembly
Enric news: As updates in the working group we already shared a version of the app today, and some people is joining the panel and checking the app. There is still a small issue pending on the payment, so they are going to send us on the next days an update that will be ready for Beta.
The cards have two parts. 1. the tag -microchip- with the unique id. 2. the card where the tag is sticked. The tag we need to make a central order. The cards we can print them decentralized in the places where the local node count with printer involved in the ecosystem that accept Faircoin.

The second part, for launching the cards and preparing big order. Final of campaign, could be around 6 of january. Then we make order of the tags, and beging the process of shipping and launching. We can manage the shipping and printing calendar in the coming days. We dont need it for begin the collective purchase.
Tereseta insists in the importance of a document with the expecifications of the cards. But it will be necessary por printers that accept Faircoin.
Related to the number of the cards and tags to print it will depend on how it would go the campaign. if the campaign is strong, this will makes us realize we can print many, and also will have the money for that. We could try to make launch on 19 of december or 20 of december. Anyway the campaign is welcome and a post is needed ofcourse, as to use it to get public attention by these days of consumerism.
We’ve got the image for the campaig but the text will be by next week.


1. working on the campaign text (content): 15, 16 and 17th December
2. Translations: 18-19th December
3. Launching 20th December
4. end of the campaign: 06 January
2. Documenta 14 is the major festival of contemporany art in the world. happens every five years in Kassel, Germany
for first time will be also in Athens.

Faircoop people will work for Documenta taking care of the Cooperativist Society as part of the public programs in Athens.
This is the proposed document we sent. The proposal has been accepted. by 19 december we will known if budget is confirmed.
How this situation can interact with the faircoop ecosystem?
– One of the visions could be to convert Athens on this period in 1. A pilot project for full deploying the faircoop ecosystem 2. A meeting point for faircoop people to work together physically for some time at local and global level
-Some cooperative models can be boosted taking advantage of all the public in Documenta (prevision 300k people). Already has begin discussion to create a platform cooperative for food delivery from restaurants and kitchens who share faircoop principles.

Notes on assembly
It is the first time talked in assembly because the invitation goes to Enric and now he refers to us. it goes to Athens because the artistic core team, (which changes every edition) is pushing for doing something more commited by this edition, the artistic team asked us to be involved for transforming what is possible to change on the Documenta.
The goal is to create something good for the local people, after Documenta leaves. So it would be useful for the Greek people. The plan we presented is to create a cooperative ecosystem that is going to follow after.

You can see all the detail of the plan here:
we are going to try to expand as many cooperativist activities as possible, there is three “action projects”:

1. Circular economy using faircoin
2. Artists cooperative (using freedom coop)
3. artistic coop fund (with support of bank of the commons)

Enric proposal for today is to involve the full faircoop ecosystem in the process.
we plan to call an open hackaton event in Athens around 10-14 of january to begin the planning of all the work
And especially we call open proposals for people who wants to work about this project in Athens since january to july
this can be big opportunity to hack many funding if we work well.

if we are succesful the user case of faircoin in Athens and greece with Documenta event, can be learn in all the world, and can be know by the first full deploying of the full faircoop ecosystem

e3467 faircoop, [15.12.16 20:20] if we are succesful the user case of faircoin in Athens and greece with Documenta event, can be learn in all the world, and can be know by the first full deploying of the full faircoop ecosystem

Guy, [15.12.16 20:21] [In reply to e3467 faircoop] Sounds like a great opportunity

e3467 faircoop, [15.12.16 20:23] The people who is close to us, already has doing events with refugees squats, rojava people, etc,, in preactivities..

We will create a new telegram group for the Documenta event.
For the event we will confirm the inital budget on monday. Right now the proposal is 21k that is discussed in documenta this days. So, the plan is confirmed, but the intial budget could be less.

3. Collective orders of Rabsperry PI for extending CVN faircoin 2 and promoting fairmarket

Notes on assembly
There is a board about the collective purchase of the Raspberry Pis :
we has been discussing between the people from Linuxit in Dornbirn and me, for prepare the proposal

the plan is for the CVN now, which is the need for extending the participation in the network to anyone without big technical knowledge, then i guess should not come with installed wallet as this can do anyone. Enric

The proposal that we talked is, people can order rabsperry and fasito, and also the technical pre-installation, or they can order also without the technical-preinstallation, and do that part by themselves. The cost of the technical work will be 500 faircoins per machine.

There is also a proposal that people can contribute to pay the CVN, without hosting it and people can contribute to hosting it, without paying it. We can support the collective order so that people pay partial orders and not total and/or we could create a form for people offering a place without paying for the equipment. This would be separate from the CVN application process in the ocp.

4. Local nodes funding campaign. Reports from the local nodes.

Notes on assembly

75188 MTrigoni: “we have 3 projects 1. local node assemblies and exchange office 2. refugee to refugee call center 3.School of daily revolution.

“Assemblies: We alternate between local node assembly and exchange office every week, where we facilitate the participation in the faircoin network, use faircoin directory and fairmarket. We also have bi-weekly assemblies for the call center every two weeks. We may run additional exchange office meetings if there is demand from people. We also participate in the global assemblies.

“2.Call center, a solidarity call center from refugees to refugees: We support the updating of the website and the facebook page and we have interviews in local and international media, as the project has attracted considerable media attention. We also support the networking with refugee solidarity initiatives, post regularly on the fb page and support public presentations about the project which are given by the refugee members of the call center.

“3.School of daily revolution, a learning space about cooperativism on practical and theoretical level: We have created communication material such as articles that can be found on and gave presentations about the project at various events. We ran the first learning activities in collaboration with a Hackerspace about Peer 2 Peer production, 3d printing and open source software. At the moment there is not so many people involved in the project so things have been running a little slow and we wait to see if more things can be done in the future.”

Half the distribution of coins has been spent, and the rest is pending to be spent in local cooperative shops.

“he school is not fully operating since now. it needs a lot of effort and more people to participate.”

There was a successful collatoration with the local hackerspace.


Chris Zumbrunn: “We have a new baby project: Fairincome…. A group of people has formed, that is interested in a self-empowered bottom-up implementation for basic income (Currently Enno, Bettina, Chris and Robin). The group wants to explore the possibilities of creating this basic income as part of the Faircoop ecosystem, hence the current project name “fairincome”. The current focus is on a percentage based transaction tax and one question will be where and how that fits in with current or planned Faircoop projects.

“In connection with this, we proposed a presentation to the plenum and a four day workshop (4*2h) on the Fairincome and Faircoop subject for the Caux 2017 summer conference. Which days it will be is not clear yet, but probably in the first weeks of July. More info on Caux and the IofC (Initiatives of Change) can be found here:

“this is related to the basic income intitiative we had voted on here earlier this year (in the sense that we can use energy/interest from that still around in people).

And then there is another initiative coming up that we can relate activities to: For 2017, one topic we would like to develop is the one of Faircoop as a sovereign money. The sovereign money topic is one that will be discussed a lot in Switzerland during 2017 and 2018 because we will be voting on an inititative that would change the mandate of the Swiss National Bank to turn the Swiss Franc into a sovereign money. We can argue to some extent, that with Faircoin, there is already a sovereign money with bottom-up governance available for those that get excited about switching away from using fractional reserve banking currencies.

and then there is the radio project….

We want to move forward quickly during the next weeks with a project for a radio that would be very much focused on reporting on the world of projects like Faircoop. It would be a mixed language radio, including english and spanish.Organic food shop and collective purchase groupThe group setting up an organic food shop in the town of St-Imier is currently shifting in the direction of emphasising the offline organisation collective purchase orders. So, that should turn out to be a good match for the fairmarket’s online collective purchase functionality.

Décentrale / Synergiehub business development:

Intensive work going on currently for the planing and scheduling of the membership options and workshops offered during 2017 at the Décentrale.

The intention is to work in faircoin for all of this economic activity and to start benefiting from a functioning circular economy between the different parts of the projects as much as possible.

Isabel is developing a project for a social restaurant that would be setup in the city of Le Locle, with the support of the city council. In addition to being a restaurant and cafe, it would serve as a multipurpose social meeting and workplace, and serve as an additional Faircoop local node office and Faircoin exchange shop.

An existing one in Berne, the “Bonobo” is going into a rethinking and reinventing phase and will be looking at Faircoin and Faircoop for possible partnerhip during the next months.

At least 4 of the 5 have some interest in either Faircoin as backing currency or as infrastructure in the form of the future subchain functionality.

If we had more detailed info to provide concerning the subchain features and the resulting possibilities, that would be helpful at this point.”

The tax for funding the Basic Income would be a transaction tax of something like 1 permille (0.1%) instead of the fixed one currently in faircoin, so, it’s volume based rather than transaction-based. The idea is to come up with something that is not territorial. E asks why tax your own currency, this puts it at a disadvantage relative to other currencies. They agree more discussion is needed.

E: “we could agree to make the next local nodes feedback assembly in three months.”


5. Proposal from thessaloniki call center coop
to make a specific website where is explained how the faircoop ecosystem and their tools can be useful for refugees and people excluded from the citizen rights…
It could be in the subdomain for instance.

Notes on assembly
On thessaloniki as part of the discussions to improve the refugees call center, has been suggested that could be very interesting project to make a specific website where is explained how the faircoop ecosystem and their tools can be useful for refugees and people excluded from the citizen rights. Because refugees and people coming to us for needs more than political engagement, they have a very specific situation and very specific needs.

People from the call center group, have thought that it would be very useful to have a global site with info about how to participate, if you have not citizen right in the country where you stay…. To explain freedomcoop, to explain faircoin, and things like that, based on what they need to know and not so ideological, but very practical and clear.

We could include also migrants and local with no access to the system

it could be based in a domain like

We need to make a working group, that can use the refugees fund telegram group. Who wants to join it? Julia could help with English texts and structures & graphics – who will provide the contents imagined/needed/resulting… so far ?

This could be done step by step, and perhaps is a task that can be integrated with the work in Athens, as greece is very connected with the issue.
Next Assembly January 18th.

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